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    Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft Ca - Business Partner Trying To Sell My Equipment to Pay His Rent

    Hello, My business partner who I have a signed agreement with is refusing to work, and refusing to pay any of the bills associated with his side of the business. Our contract states that the equipment may not be sold, or given to anyone. Since he is refusing to work and or pay bills...
  2. C

    Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft Theft

    If a criminal complaint seeking an arrest warrant and simultaneously bringing felony charges are filed but the person whom the charges are being b brought against isn’t brought before the court until long after the statutes of limitations have run are the courts deprived the ability to invoke...
  3. K

    Theft of trust cash

    My brothers through my father raided my parents cash trust assets. The only asset left is the house. I thought I should receive what they were given through the embezzlement as a percentage of the value of the house Two questions Is this fair? Since the estate was supposed to be divided...
  4. S

    Fraud, Embezzlement, Bad Checks Person stole & attempted to deposit someone's COVID relief check. How do I report/provide evidence?

    While organizing my storage space, I came across a bag someone who I was once close to gave me when returning an item. I guess they forgot to remove some paperwork at the bottom of the bag and I found a deposit denial notification addressed to them. It noted a reverse for a 1200 dollar sum...
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    Credit card dispute lead merchant threaten me on theft

    I placed bids on a Saint Laurent YSL shoulder bag and a Louis Vuitton hand bag at a local consignment store's online auction recently and after picking up the bags, I checked the details of the bags and realized they are counterfeits. The store's online terms saying they don't authenticate any...
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    Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft Victim of theft

    I need some guidance here on what to do. Jan 17th - Jan 22nd I was out of town. Jan 20th ~10am - I notice my security camera is knocked over. I look back at the history and see two people in my apartment that I know that weren't allowed there. They end up taking my $1500 computer. After many...
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    Heirs blocked from receiving bequests: items stolen or destroyed.

    Is it a crime to refuse heirs access to their bequest? Is it a crime to keep or destroy items, rather than give them to the heirs? Is it a crime to kill pets rather than offer them to the owner’s family? I am back again to ask advice for a new but related situation to my post from 12/2019...
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    Finance, Investments Publicly Traded Cryptocurrency Exchange Stole my funds. What are my options?

    A cryptocurrency exchange that I use was recently having a promotion where they were promoting staking ETH to ETH 2.0. I saw an ad on their mobile app that was offering a 10% staking bonus up to $500 if I agreed to stake my ETH into ETH 2.0. I figured that this was a pretty good deal and so I...
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    Coerced Debt and Rev Mort with No will

    Mom passed away Apr 9th 2022. No will, she had signed her pink to her car over to me to prevent anything happening to it. I left it in her name. She had dementia. I had eventually gotten a POA and AHCDPOA after a year and a half of trying to get her back home after my younger half brother had...
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    Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft National Theft Database

    How can I get my name removed from the National Retail Theft Database? For a shoplifting misdemeanor charge that occurred 4/2019? So that it would not show up in a federal job security search? Is that possible?
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    Crypto Theft Case Theta Labs in CA.. wallet hacked lost 16k$ emotional damages max case sought

    Had crypto wallet hacked ... lost 16k ... multiple claims of negligence on Theta Labs part causing emotional / physical damages. Please read attached 6 page letter for full details... Thanks.
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    Problems Getting Stolen Car Police Report

    My car was stolen and I reported the theft to the police. About a week after the theft the car was involved in a police chase. The police told me nothing about this. I learned about it from a friend who told me information about my car was posted to a facebook group that monitors the local...
  13. J

    Intellectual Property Theft

    Several companies & other entities have stolen my intellectual property, some of which was disclosed on social media & some of which is covered by a pending patent application. My questions include: - where is the burden of proof (do they have to provide evidence that they did not steal, for...
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    Identity Theft

    I have endured an ordeal indefinitely, and therein during approximately 1972; the Supreme Courts alleged that Laws required any Civilian to relinquish the discretion of their Identity and Assets or such Civilians were in violation of a Law which required them to comply. I refused to relinquish...
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    Other Criminal Procedure How to I keep my sister away from our parents?

    Before I begin, please allow me to apologize if I've asking this in the wrong thread. I feel this is a pretty unique situation and I have absolutely no idea which thread it would be long in. Back in late 2014, I moved in with my parents to help look after them and perform any tasks they may...
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    Stolen Paycheck- Identity theft

    I'll try to make it as short as possible. Sorry for lacking correct grammar. I hope it not to hard to read and understand. I had an accident at work was sent home to return when I have healed. I was out maybe 18 days during the days I received a text alerting me I had paychecks that I have not...
  17. J

    Need advice for 86 year old grandmother

    My grandmother is 86 years old, in 2018 she changed executorShip to my aunt. My grandmother gave my aunt the will and other documentation she would need in the event my grandmother passed. My grandmother owns a houseboat worth over $200,000.00. In the documents she gave my aunt she had signed...
  18. Z

    How to retrieve property withheld by former employee?

    We are a very small company that had an assistant who worked from her home. She was using a company computer (Mac Mini) that we loaned her. We found out she was lying about her work hours and some other things so we let her go. She's not returning any phone calls, emails, or texts. We're...
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    Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft Accused of theft by spouse

    My husband and I are separated and in the middle of a divorce. Three weeks ago I received a call from a police officer asking if I stole my husband’s laptop from his vehicle, as he had reported that I had. I did not and denied this allegation. However, I did enter the vehicle to retrieve MY...
  20. D

    Fraud, Embezzlement, Bad Checks Inflated Invoice and returned the money

    Hi, I inflated an work place invoice by $100 by submitting a quote (instead on an actual invoice) with the forged numbers, I started to feel guilty and was stressed for about three months and i made a choice to return the money back saying i returned the item and bought from a different company...