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Victim of theft Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft

Discussion in 'Criminal Charges' started by Gothix, Jan 25, 2023.

  1. Gothix

    Gothix Law Topic Starter New Member

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    New York
    I need some guidance here on what to do.

    Jan 17th - Jan 22nd I was out of town.

    Jan 20th ~10am - I notice my security camera is knocked over.

    I look back at the history and see two people in my apartment that I know that weren't allowed there. They end up taking my $1500 computer.

    After many attempted calls to both of them, I give up. I was all the way on the other side of the country.

    One of them finally sends me a message stating the following;

    "Hey jsuk, and u needed to hear it from me and not anyone else or to find out yourself in that sense. I took back my computer back, and left you 400$ on your desk for you when u get home. That's what u paid for the pc, and I'm just doing you the favor of refunding your money so I can obtain what was rightfully mine. Now with that being said, I'm more than willing to sell it back to you for a little more than what I u initially paid for it if u want it back. I have yet to touch the pc's internals or ssd ect. And won't, if u plan on buying it back from me. Im sorry I don't have a number to give u yet for the pc, but I'll give u one asap if that's what u want to do. And I'll even return your ssd with all your stuff on it to you if nothing else for free. Cuz if u don't buy it back, I'm probably going to sell it and get the money back on it that I had to reinvest to pay u off for it back. So lmk what u wanna do."

    I asked him how much he wanted for the computer, because I paid 1500$ for it.

    "Um -person2- had absolutely nothing to do with it. And if u wanna blame anyone for the price that I was told u bought it for. u can blame -irrelavant- for spilling the beans. And with all that being said. Again, dog has and had absolutely nothing to do with it and did try to stop me so don't take it out on him. But I'd like to personally see 1500 cash. Which ever is easier for u. Cuz at any point I could pawn this for an easy 1k just in parts alone if I wanted too. And that's to a shitty shifty pawn shop. Fb or reselling it otherwise, UK just as much as I do, that the pc is still worth, when cleaned up.... probably a good 2k. So I feel 1500 is a solid middle ground in that aspect and is also more or less the equivalent of a small cash investment like how u initially paid for it. So 1500..."

    I then get on the phone with person2 and tell him that I either get my computer back or I call the authorities.

    When I get home, the computer is outside of my apartment, in the snow and I take it upstairs and notice it's extremely damaged and everything is unplugged.

    I haven't called the authorities or filed an insurance claim yet... Can I even press charges even though they returned the item?
  2. justblue

    justblue Well-Known Member

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    How did they get in to your home?

    Yeah. File a police complaint.
  3. adjusterjack

    adjusterjack Super Moderator

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    Call the police and report it. You've got them on video and a message admitting to what they did.

    The theft became vandalism as far as insurance is concerned. The insurance company will want the police report and likely a statement from a repair shop as to whether it can be repaired and for how much if it can.

    OTOH, you may want to think twice about reporting a claim like this to insurance. Might get you put under a microscope and maybe non-renewed.
  4. leslie82

    leslie82 Well-Known Member

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    Did you call the police yet? I would have called as soon as I saw on my security camera that two people illegally entered my home.

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