1. M

    Can the sheriff still evict you by your eviction move out date by the court date to leave the proper

    Can the sheriff still evict you by your eviction move out date by the court date to leave the property what happen if you appeal the writ of possession and default judgement and full case at commonwealth court level and they didn't get notified by the court or the landlord agency manger...
  2. F

    Can PA State Police deny me access to items in my impounded vehicle?

    My vehicle was towed after a PA state police traffic stop for no registration or insurance. I was not stopped for any other reason but that they ran my tags and saw they were expired, charged with no other offense. I went to the towing company to request access to retrieve my only set of house...
  3. W

    Contractor bait and switch

    I recently entered into an agreement with a design/build company for home renovation purposes. The company is self-proclaimed "all-in-one" solution for home renovation, handling both design and actual construction. The owner is a licensed contractor, touting this fact in discussions and on their...
  4. R

    End of my rope

    I feel like I'm at the end of the rope with the current situation with my wife and that divorce is the only foreseeable outcome. We have been together for almost 8 years but have only been married for less than 2. We have had our issues like most people but nothing I felt we couldn't get past...
  5. G

    Security Deposit Landlord took entirety of security deposit and is charging $3000+ extra for "damages".

    Hello! I wanted to seek advice on the current situation I and my roommates have found ourselves in. A company in the state where I live (Pennsylvania) that we had rented from has done what the title says. I will try to explain everything the best I can. I lived in this property with two other...
  6. G

    I think Executors are trying to trick beneficiary in a release clause

    Four siblings are co-tenants in common of their parents inherited home/property. Parents are both deceased. Two siblings are executors and two are beneficiaries.One beneficiary is living in the home and is my friend. Home is up for sale. The executors have sent the sibling living in the home a...
  7. F

    Buying Part of a Neighbor's Property

    I am in the process of buying a part of my neighbor's property. 1. Can any of the emails that we have been sending back and forth be considered a letter of intent? What would need to be in the email for it to be treated as a letter of intent? 2. Is it possible for my neightbor to steal my...
  8. Dark Storm

    Husband purchased house while separated

    I've been separated from my husband for 7 years. I live in NJ. We haven't started divorce proceedings yet but I'm curious about this situation; my soon to be ex purchased a house in PA two years ago in, as far as I know, his name only. I don't think his GF is on the deed or mortgage, but who...
  9. R

    How do I go about filing a civil suit against a noisy, disrespectful neighbor?

    Hi everyone. I have reached the breaking point when it comes to a consistently loud, obnoxious upstairs neighbor. After six months of this issue, I finally think I need to escalate things and pursue some kind of legal action. For a quick rundown: I live in an apartment. My upstairs neighbor...
  10. R

    Appointment of Estate Administrator

    The named (in the will) and appointed executor of an estate is now incapacitated. Can the court appointed guardian of the incapacitated executor be appointed as administrator of the estate that was being managed by the now incapacitated executor?
  11. B

    Writ of Execution

    Received a writ of execution in mail over a credit card debt for $3k. Two days later I received letter from a bank saying that an account (that is not in my name) was attempted to be levied. The bank said nothing was done but needed to inform me. QUESTION: I moved into my my parents house a year...
  12. N

    Negligence, Other Injury personal injury

    if two family members (son & a nephew) get into a fight. the nephew starts the fight, and the parents jump in. the mother twist her wrist and the father fell on glass and had to have his hand operated on. I must add all three had been drinking all day. Who is responsible for the parents' medical...
  13. S

    Transferring a California title to Pennsylvania

    I am purchasing a car with a CA title from a seller residing in TX. The title is signed by the CA owner, but was never transferred to the TX owner. On the face of the title, the mileage is recorded as 30,867. The seller represents that the mileage is actually 130,867, but the odometer is...
  14. A

    Professional Malpractice Catch 22 when tutoring for free?

    I'm perhaps in a catch-22 regarding errors and omissions. I want to provide tutoring for financially disadvantaged high school students. I want to provide this tutoring for free. I run no business or charity for this. Only personal. Just want to help in my community. My personal homeowner's...
  15. Q

    ATV Repair not completed and will not return ATV until paid

    I spoke with a local ATV Repair business on having my ATVs engine rebuilt and to have it running properly. We agreed to a flat fee of $850 with me supplying all parts. I brought the ATV and all parts and he began the rebuild. When the ATV was dropped off it was running but it was rough. I...
  16. D

    Please delete my account and data and questions.

    Please delete my account and data and questions.
  17. D

    Please delete my account and data and questions.

    Please delete my account and data and questions.
  18. D

    What type of lawyer will I need for a lawsuit against a repair shop?

    What type of lawyer will I need for a lawsuit against a repair shop? Amount $1,505.87 I took some devices to them. It was two laptops and one iPhone 7 for the one laptop. They fixed it the right way by replacing the screen frame and replacing the motherboard and cleaning it of liquid damage...
  19. S

    Distribution of my retirement account

    My wife and I currently have children from previous marriages; in my 403(b) retirement account, she along with my two children are named as beneficiaries upon my death - her at 50%, each of my two children at 25%. She does not have her own retirement account. She would have the remaining asset...
  20. E

    Save my honeymoon!

    I'm a truck driver in PA. My fiancee and I have had longstanding plans to spend this winter back in her native country getting married and taking a 3 month honeymoon we've been saving for. Already gave notice to my employer that my last day will be 12/1. I've got a flight booked out of the...