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Received a writ of execution in mail over a credit card debt for $3k. Two days later I received letter from a bank saying that an account (that is not in my name) was attempted to be levied. The bank said nothing was done but needed to inform me. QUESTION: I moved into my my parents house a year ago. I had to leave all of my possessions in NYC (lost business after lockdowns). I am not working, do not own car, have no accounts. Will the sheriff now come to my parents house and try to take their belongings? They are ill and in 80s. Sheriff didn't give me an answer and told me to hold onto paper that is for "exempt possessions" up to $300. I only have a small bag of clothing.
The Sheriff cannot take property that doesn't belong to you.

What you and/or your parents may have to do is beyond me.

The following search result has a number of sources of information about Pennsylvania judgment enforcement and exemptions.

pennsylvania exemptions from judgment at DuckDuckGo

I suggest you study up and learn all you can.

I can't guarantee anything but I can tell you from personal experience as a judgment creditor, when I considered execution against personal property of a debtor who had no money, I found that it would be a costly and time consuming process with very little chance of success. Maybe your creditor will also balk at the idea.

I have to tell you, though, judgments are enforceable for many years, often 10, sometimes 20. They will follow you wherever you go and the debt will grow with interest, fees, and costs. The creditor will wait until it's most inconvenient to you, and pounce.

You might want to figure out how to pay the judgment. Maybe offer a discounted cash settlement. Just saying.
I only have a small bag of clothing

It might be time for you to discuss BANKRUPTCY with an attorney or legal aid association near your residence.