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    Pay Equity

    Hi! I am a female and fall into the protected age class. Two younger males in my department are more highly compensated (one in the same position, the other in a lower job grade - one internal move, one external). We work in a specialized area of finance. I have the most seniority in our group...
  2. K

    Can't pay property tax

    Hello What happens if I own a home for example a mobile home. I loose my job and can't pay the property tax what happens? Do I loose my home? How many years can I go without paying property tax? Thank you Kingofjong
  3. J

    What are parents obligated to pay for non-emancipated minors?

    I am 16, living with a 17 year old brother. We are not emancipated. We are junior university students in California (we completed the CHSPE to skip high school). We are in a weird spot where our mother does not want to fully pay for our tuition or medical bills; I broke my arm and have yet to...
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    Told I would pay $100 for treatment, billed for $3000, threatened with collections.

    Long story short...went in for some dental work and got a quote for around $1,000~ to have everything done. I was told that was my out the door price and I made double-sure that is what it was and that it wouldn't change and went ahead with treatment. After the treatment, about two months...
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    Shoplifting, Larceny, Robbery, Theft Ca - Business Partner Trying To Sell My Equipment to Pay His Rent

    Hello, My business partner who I have a signed agreement with is refusing to work, and refusing to pay any of the bills associated with his side of the business. Our contract states that the equipment may not be sold, or given to anyone. Since he is refusing to work and or pay bills...
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    What should my on-call pay be per hour?

    I am a tow truck driver in the small town of Port Orford, Oregon. I am paid $20 per hour and my work week is Monday thru Sunday. I normally only work Monday-Friday at my standard wage and I am paid time and a half if I work over 40 hours during this work week. On Weekends (Saturday & Sunday), I...
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    Consumer Law, Warranties Can podiatrist force me to complete and pay for six sessions

    I don't make much and unemployed. I have a hurt foot. I went through the first session of MS laser therapy for my foot. The pain is still there. I have five more sessions to go when it supposedly will be healed. The doctor said I would still need to do physical therapy and go easy on my foot...
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    Grandparents being sued by grandsons mom to pay all her legal fees?

    Hi my wife and i are grandparents we have been fighting for our rights with our grandsons mother for the last couple years. Now our grandsons mother cant pay all her legal attorney fees and is trying to sue us to get all the money shes paid/still owes. Her reasoning for this is because we have...
  9. L

    Restaurant tenant is refusing to pay rent, claims breach of exclusivity

    Hello. I have a small commercial building with two restaurant tenants on a main commercial corridor (not shopping/retail center). One of the restaurant's lease ("Tenant 1") has a sentence that says "Lessor shall not lease to other tenant that may create the conflict with Lessee's current use."...
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    Tax Office Owner refusing to pay me!

    I worked for this lady for 2 weeks. I signed a contract with her. I worked as an Independent contractor with my own PTIN number. Contract states that I get a percentage off every client that I did under my number. Anyways, she is going back to client saying thye owe her more money and if they...
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    Impossible Sales Quota, Very Little Pay If Quota Isn't Met

    I know whats being done is unethical, my question is if there is anything illegal, and if there is anything i can do about it or if i should just move on. I work for a very large franchised company with over 1000 dealers. Each dealer has multiple sales people and we share our amount and quality...
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    Report a SMB that failed to pay custom duty on imports from india

    I want to know if I have a valid case here. A small clothing brand from India (assume called Y) shipped garments worth $200K to this small fashion boutique in the US ..let's call this firm X. X did not pay customs duty on the $200K worth of goods recieved. Can I report this to a US Custom...
  13. K

    pay decrease with no two week notice

    By law, is my employer allowed to lower our last paycheck to minimum wage? When anyone quits without putting in a two week notice, our wages on the last check gets dropped to $7.25. There was no contract signed upon hiring.
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    Not the pay I accepted!

    I recently accepted a position with my employer that is within the organization. I was offered an hourly wage and accepted an hourly wage. My offer letter even states hourly. 2 weeks after giving my notice in my other position (they were allowed to keep me an additional 2 weeks) I noticed I...
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    Should I pay his lack of professionalism?

    My soon to be ex-wife hit me with a divorce lawsuit. I hired an attorney to represent me as a defendant/respondent. After many documents scanings and signatures that attorney requested from me, in July of this year attorney filed the judgement with the courts. 4.5 months later the court came...
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    Block Fi bankruptcy - do I have to pay final bill - they will keep my crypto

    I have a Block Fi credit card. They are owned by FTX. They froze their exchange and credit cards. They will be filing bankruptcy. I will never get my money on their exchange or interest account back. I have a credit card with them. My final bill is $1500. Why should I pay my final bill when...
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    Loaned my boss $15k, now she won't pay me back

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for advice on what to do regarding a personal loan. I loaned my boss $15,000 last May and she has now cut off all contact with me and is refusing to pay me back. During her proposition she offered to give me an extra $3,000 in interest, therefore making the total owed...
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    Pay rise - but only to one sector of the workforce?

    Hello there, I have a question about an issue which has just arisen at a social care Foundation where I work in the UK. Forgive me if I go into detail, but I want to be as clear as possible about the nature of the problem. The Foundation covers two distinct Directorates. Directorate A is a...