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  2. How to Prevent and Address Squatter Abuses Against Property Owners

    Ownership, Title How to Prevent and Address Squatter Abuses Against Property Owners

    New York City squatters have been making headlines by evicting legal homeowners from their property, with extreme examples including the arrest of a homeowner trying to regain possession of their house in Flushing, Queens. With the influx of migrants seeking shelter and the arrest of a popular...
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    Estate Deeds and Capital Gains Taxes

    My parents bought a house together in the early 1970's for $65,000. They divorced in 2000 and my mom got the house as part of the divorce settlement. I live with my mom and take care of her (she is 90). We setup up a estate deed (with both my mom's name as my name) to protect assets from...
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    Wife's work device

    I am on probation for a sex based offense. I can not have a computer. Phone monitoring is in place. When probation first inspected our home, my wife's work computer was given an OK. It is in a locked office, is password protected and there is also a fob,that only she has access to. My wife had...
  5. W

    Relatives Force a migration officer to read documents

    Hello! Is there a federal law obliging civil servants/migration officers to read applications WELL? For example, in a letter to a government agency, can I add at the end “If I have read the letter, write “I have read the documents, full name and signature,” otherwise the letter is considered...
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    Landlord caused pest infestation

    Hi, I would very much appreciate some input as I'm at my wit's end with this problem. There was apparently an emergency in my apartment that required the wall to be opened to access pipes. This was done while I was on vacation. I returned two weeks later to find my wall still open and shoddily...
  7. J

    Request for Legal Counsel Concerning Anticipated Attorney General Investigation

    Hello, I am seeking legal guidance on responding to a communication received from the New York State Attorney General's Office, and exploring the advisability of having a legal representative respond on my behalf. Earlier today, 10/24, I received a voicemail from the NYS Attorney General...
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    My adult daughter, age 37, no longer lives with me and is not on my rental lease. She has been chronically recording me without my permission in my apartment. She refuses to stop. What can I do?
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    Itemized statement from medical provider

    Hello, I went to dentist specialist for procedure (TMJ). I have dental insurance, that DDS, is actually on the plan, but he does not accept insurance? for that procedure. His condition everything out of pocket, and I will deal with insurance on my own. I agreed, paid. I submitted claim to...
  10. J

    Special Immigration Visa for Indian Citizen

    My name is Joe. I am from India. I am a software engineer. I am presently working in USA with H1B. I have more than 2 years of experience in US Army Base Afghanistan under ISAF(International Security Assistance Force) as a IT Supervisor. I went US Army base from India in 2014 as Contract...
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    Ready to distribute financial account assets in mother's trust - Do I need a lawyer?

    My mother passed away recently. All of her financial assets were titled in the name of her living trust when she passed. There are financial accounts at several financial institutions that hold stocks, bonds and cash equivalents. This would not be a final distribution as there is also some...
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    Need advice I may be wrong

    In NY nursing home my mom was admitted after being discharged from 3 hospitals with ecoli in stomach they sent her home as outpatient but she never got a chance to get to dr because next week she was hospitalized again for uti and sepsis. nursing home stopped her meds against my wishes as health...
  13. K

    Security Deposit Sueing landlord abroad

    Hi, My landlord wanted to deduct half my security deposit and I didn't think it was justified so I disagreed. It turned into an argument and now he's stopped communicating and kept it all. He waited 18 days to before he reached out to me. I believe he has to give me an itemized list and return...
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    Life Estate Deed, Creditors and the Death of the Life Tenant

    Hello, My aunt died in early February of this year. She held a Life Estate on her house, and I was listed as the remainderman on the deed. We filed the death certificate with the Town of Riverhead. My aunt owes a large sum of money to the hospital she was in when she died; a sum of money much...
  15. Jennifer Kaplan

    NYS Workers Comp Confusion?

    How long do I have to purchase policy? Thank you, Jennifer
  16. Jennifer Kaplan

    New York I just switched my health insurance and Oscar (prior) is telling me I owe for this month?

    My new health insurance plan with Metro Health began 03.01.2023. When I called Oscar to cancel, they are telling me I still owe for this month March 2023. Is this accurate? I do NOT even have the funds to pay, this is why I switched to Metro Health, a less expensive plan. I am NOT receiving...
  17. B

    Overpaid wages

    I retired 4 years ago. Recently I got a letter from my previous employer notifying me that the overpaid me for 2 days right before retirement. They demand that I return the gross amount worth of 2 days with a bank check. I did my research online and found out that I'm obligated to return the...
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    My mother, widowed and never remarried, died last month without leaving a will. What do I do now?

    Hi, My mother (I am her only living child), died last month without leaving a will. She has about $15K in a checking account. She also has a house. She has a life estate deed which deeds the house to her grandson. There is also a reverse mortgage on the property. Her grandson is planning on...
  19. New York City Snow Shoveling & Ice Removal Laws

    Premises Liability New York City Snow Shoveling & Ice Removal Laws

    There are many snow and ice removal laws and regulations with which each New York City property owner or lessor must be familiar. This article summarizes some of the most common snow shoveling and ice removal laws, regulations and resources so you can be prepared for the winter season. Who...
  20. J

    NY - Just Received Notice About the Decision (Default) of a Lawsuit Against Me and My Mom That I Nev

    Like stated in the title, my mom and I just received notice papers in the mail about a lawsuit against us. We were never properly served and were not in any way aware of this lawsuit. The notice papers state that the plaintiff was awarded $75,000. The lawsuit is legitimate. I have been able to...