Landlord caused pest infestation


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New York
Hi, I would very much appreciate some input as I'm at my wit's end with this problem.

There was apparently an emergency in my apartment that required the wall to be opened to access pipes. This was done while I was on vacation. I returned two weeks later to find my wall still open and shoddily covered only in cardboard, although with substantial gaps. It took another week to get repaired. In the span of those three weeks, I ended up with a nasty roach infestation. I emailed my landlord about it and he has yet to respond. I notified 311 today. What other recourse do I have?

Of note, this is also a rent-stabilized apartment.
The landlord didn't cause the roach infestation. They were already there. They were there before man walked this earth and they will become the dominant life form when man is extinct.

Find yourself a nearby DIY pest control store and buy the professional chemicals and a one gallon sprayer. Don't buy any product from the likes of Home Depot as you'll only be paying for water.

Regardless of what your "legal" rights might be (that may take months to resolve or never), the only way you are going to resolve the roach problem NOW, is to do it yourself.