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I am trying to find out if I need to be married to my fiancé to do a step parent adoption. I have been raising his almost 2 yr old daughter for half of her life now. Her birth mother has not been in her life for over 13 months. She neglected her and DCF took her in July 2012. My fiancé then got custody if her. DCF told us she still has rights to his daughter. Is there anything we can do to terminate her rights to this child? Is there anything we can do to give me rights before we marry?
No, you cannot do a "step parent" adoption of your fiance's child. DCF is correct - she (Mother) still has rights to her daughter.
I have seen there is something called a second parent adoption. Is this something we can do? We are trying to at lest terminate the birth mothers rights.
LOL, yeah, that will ever happen, no case.
Second parent adoption isn't technically solely for same-sex unions - though it's by FAR used more often in those cases.

Alas, in Florida it just isn't going to happen. Period, end of story, The End.

The ONLY way this OP is going to have legal rights is if she does indeed go through a stepparent adoption.

There is a question that needs to be asked though.

OP, in the event of you and Dad divorcing would you comfortable paying him child support?

Would HE be comfortable with YOU having custody and having to pay you child support?

Very simply, the court is not going to give you rights when you and Dad haven't made a legal commitment to each other.
& the bio Mother also has rights. (unless terminated by a court or she gives them up)
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