Mental Health Thread #8 - Fall is here!!

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Currently, the wind chill here is somewhere between -15 and -25. The temp in my office is 58. Ask me how happy I am right now.
Hi all, Hope everyone is staying warm! Wanted to know if anyone has an employee social media policy they wish to share? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
I'm sure we do but I don't know where to find it off hand. Let me take a look and get back to you.
We got 4 inches of snow - the first "significant" snow this year. I'm sure I will not get any sympathy from the people in the NE. 4 inches I can handle. It's about melted now with the sun out - got it Monday. It is quite cold here though. We are behind avg. on snow for the year.
Our "big snow" ended up a bust but we keep getting these little mini-storms. They bring ice and slush and cold but not enough to really close things down. Kinda over winter.
I'm sure we do but I don't know where to find it off hand. Let me take a look and get back to you.

Thank you I really appreciate it. We have quite a few managers that forget they are managers when on their private social media sights and starting to be a real problem.
Kathy - it's too long to post here. PM me your current email address - the one I have for you is years old - and I'll send it to you that way.
I love the Westminster dog show! My son, who doesn't have t.v., came over to watch it both nights, and we were both excited to see the beagle win best in show. She seems like such a good little dog.

Betty, in your experience are beagles pretty even-tempered? I've never had one or been around them much but I've always said that once our current dog is gone I'd like to have a beagle.
We have had several beagles & they all were even tempered/very friendly. They are the "All American" dog to me. I guess you could get one who isn't even tempered though.
I've always thought they seemed like very good dogs. We have already decided that if we get another dog it will be a smaller dog than Zoey, who is 100+ pounds, but I don't care for really small breeds of dogs, so I always thought a beagle would be the perfect size, and they seem very sweet and friendly which is definitely what I'd want.
Yep - sweet & friendly & medium size.
It is in the negative double digits here today. Snow/ice storm predicted for tomorrow. "Only" 5 inches of snow predicted, which for some of you in a mere dusting but in this area, with these temps, and with the freezing rain and ice predicted, it is going to be ugly. I am rescheduling the debate tournament and staying in where it is warm.
Wise move on your part. I had read your FB message early this morning so when I saw that it was 5 degrees out, I felt lucky - at least I was in positive numbers!
After 3 months of unemployment my DH got a job and was supposed to start next Monday. Today he got a better offer. Woo Hoo!
So very wrong that it is warmer where you are than where I am. Not that I wish this cold on anyone, but I live South of the Mason-Dixon for a reason!
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