Mental Health Thread #8 - Fall is here!!

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Since the last Mental Health Thread is entitled Summer's Coming & we have over 200 posts in it, I will start a new Mental Health Thread. Post away! :)
Awww, thank you, boyzgrrl. Go Cardinals!! :) :)
even though I'm more of an observer than a contributor..............I CAN"T STAND THE SILENCE! Hello is anyone out there????????
I'm here. It's just really, really, really busy at work these days. And it's going to get worse before it gets better. But I'll try to stop in and say hi every once in a while.
Goodness, there has been no "mental health" postings recently. Everyone happy, healthy, nothing to complain about, no exciting news........?
Yaay, thank you Betty I'm back. My computer just randomly decides it can't access links and I couldn't find you. Crazy busy summer and lots of family drama.
Horrifying 34.1% increase of our medical at renewal. After much panic, then we found out we could break our one big group into two smaller ones and qualify for community rating. Just barely squeaked by with the less than 50 people requirement and ended up with a zero increase. It's always nice when you can tell the boss you saved him $89,000 dollars and saved a lot of money for employees.

Big news is my DH finally left the bad employer where he was always getting hurt and they didn't care. Not entirely sure yet about the new job but no more 14 and 16 hour days.
And for multiple reasons, including but not limited to preparation for the "cadillac tax" coming up in 4 years, we have cut back slightly on our previously exceedingly generous plan design. Now it's just generous instead of exceedingly generous.

Well, you ain't seen entitlement till you've seen it from a professor at our law school.

Also, the union is vehemently protesting these changes - which do not apply to union members.

Fun times...
I have mental health. It's the maniacs around me that are the problem. :)

LOL - though isn't that the truth sometimes.

You're welcome txls - glad you're back.
Horrifying 34.1% increase of our medical at renewal. After much panic, then we found out we could break our one big group into two smaller ones and qualify for community rating.

Ooooh, we've been quoted a 23% hike. I'm going to suggest that strategy at the broker's meeting on Weds. Interesting idea, I wonder if it'll fly.
This whole immoral system makes me so angry - health insurance should not operate on the same theory as worker's comp where, yes, in fact we are responsible for each other's individual wellness as a company.
Betty we've always had two separate and distinct companies/locations with separate payrolls. Previously it was more advantageous to combine and be considered a large group. Now it isn't.

The small group has to be less than 50 total employees that qualify for insurance(30 or more hrs per week) even if not electing insurance. And once we submitted our initial applications, we can grow to more than 50 during the year.

We've been told that in 2015 small groups will be less than 100, so if you can't make two small groups this year, you might get some relief next year.
Glad you're back, txls, we missed you! I'm also glad to hear that your DH got another job after some of the things you mentioned about his old job.

We just went through our open enrollment period and it was very uneventful. Our increase was just a bit under 5%, about what I would have predicted if I felt comfortable predicting anything about how health care & insurance things are going to go these days! We didn't make any real changes, and didn't have to increase the employees' premium amount, which is always nice.

I just got back from a 3-day trip to visit one of our branches. I did some Workplace Harassment Training, which can be interesting. We very rarely have any complaints about any kind of harassment, but I like to keep our training updated just to remind people on a regular basis that everyone should be behaving in a professional, respectful manner at all times. One woman is always complaining to me about how she doesn't feel like her supervisors respect her, but when I addressed the fact that she is very disrespectful to them, her comment was "well, I was raised to stand up for myself". I hate it when women in particular use that excuse to be outright disrespectful and then try to pass it off as being "strong" or "feisty". I'm sorry, but that doesn't excuse insubordinate, rude, or disrespectful behavior!
At first I thought something happened to this web-site. Then last week my computer wouldn't access another link that I use all the time, so I realized it was my computer and ya'll were probably still out here somewhere.

Treated my DH to a Cowboys game since we had to be in Dallas anyway for a Dr appointment and they were playing the Saints. Due to bad directions at the stadium we walked way too many stairs. By the time we got to our seats barely in time for kickoff, we were exhausted. Then the Saint's played their worst game in years. My husband made lot's of new friends with all kinds of high fives. I got lot's of "oh, so sorry." Next few days we could barely walk our legs were so sore. I'm convinced this guy sent us to the stairs on purpose because I was wearing a Saint's jersey. He said, oh let me tell you which way to go, it will be easier for you. Jerk.
On top of an all paper OE in which several plans are changing and a new wellness program (details to be determined) being implemented, and being short staffed, my WC carrier decided to move all of my claims from the adjuster who has handled our claims for years, to a brand new guy. This kid is so green it hurts. I really don't have time to train a new adjuster. Pretty sure this is his first job ever and it certainly is his first job as an adjuster. I asked for my old one back (and she really wants to keep us), but haven't gotten the ear of the proper party yet.
Isn't work fun! :) I can say that now that I'm retired.
Not the day Betty. Not. The. Day.

Much as I loved my old adjuster and we worked very well together, I wouldn't mind getting a new one I could mold and "train right". I know my current one is retiring in a little over a year so I knew I couldn't keep her forever. I just don't have time right now to play mentor and teach this kid what to do. His idea of claim management is to call me and read back every entry from the online claim form to make sure it is correct. I finally just told him that if it was reported that way, I meant it that way. Nothing had changed in the 20 minutes since I hit "send". If anything did change, I would let him know. I get that he was following a script but dear lord, the second we went off script, he was lost. I asked one simple and very straightforward standard question and he got flustered and said he would have to get back to me. I was nice to him because it isn't his fault he is new, but inside I wanted to scream.
health insurance should not operate on the same theory as worker's comp where, yes, in fact we are responsible for each other's individual wellness as a company.

Health insurance should never have been tied to employment at all, and from the moment that started happening after World War II, the American health care system was doomed.
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