Mental Health Thread #7 -- Summer's Coming!

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First day back at work after vacation....just got done wading through the 650 e-mails in my inbox, only around 200 of which were actually anything I needed to pay attention to/read/respond to.

We had a great trip, although Disneyland was insane. There were 50,000 people in the park on Saturday. (Note to self: never go there in July on a weekend...ever.) The drive up the coast was great, very scenic and a fun drive. One minor disappointment, after opting not to stay overnight in San Francisco we decided to at least drive over the Golden Gate Bridge on the way through. Traffic was ridiculous, even though it was 7 p.m. on a Wednesday evening. And then we got to the bridge and it was so foggy we couldn't see anything, not even the bridge for the most part!

I came down with the most horrendous head cold I've had in years, on the last day of our trip. Flying with a head cold is always unpleasant but this time because of the congestion I couldn't get my ears to "pop" when we were landing so the first ten hours or so we were home I was basically deaf. Not fun...besides not being able to hear, I felt like somebody was jabbing me in the ears with sharp objects. I've never had that happen before, but now I understand fully why babies cry during takeoffs and landings!
The first day back to work is generally the worse - after that, it usually gets better.

Glad you had a great trip - sorry about the bad head cold - bummer.
The first day back to work is generally the worse - after that, it usually gets better.

Glad you had a great trip - sorry about the bad head cold - bummer.

Hello??? Wondering if the board is just quite or if there is something wrong and I can't see new posts.
Seems no one has had much to say or either they are too busy to post. ....... Or everyone is ok "mentally". :)
I believe Elle is saying she has been too busy to post much. :(

Go Cardinals!!
Unfortunately for me, I am still having balance/vertigo issues from my Alaskan cruise/trip in June that won't seem to go away. Been to 4 doctors and now they want me to go to a neuro. We've ruled out eye and ear issues. But no true diagnosis or solutions yet. Spending most of my energy on work and homelife.
I'm sorry to hear that you're having health issues, hrforme. I hope visiting my beautiful state isn't what caused it!
We don't know but it started right about the time we got home from the Alaskan cruise in June -- the doctors are thinking it was either the cruise, the train trip (I rode backwards at a table for 4) or the overnight flight (or a combination of the three) that caused it. There is a condition called Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (MdDS) that I might have if they rule out everything else. There is no cure but some people have remission periods.

I would still highly recommend an Alaskan cruise to anyone who has a chance! I did fall in love your state! I don't remember if I posted here, but I wish I had bought the tshirt I saw that had the State of TX inside the State of AK....and the wording "isn't TX cute?" I love my TX but AK was magnificent!
What a way to end a Friday! A little while ago I noticed that all my co-workers were running to look out the windows. The truck of an employee in the building had caught fire just sitting there in our parking lot, and it was burning furiously. Several people had already called 911 but it took the fire department a while to get here (this is a fairly small town and there is a fire station less than half a mile away, but for some reason they didn't send a truck from that location) so by the time they got here, it had damaged two or three vehicles parked close to it as well. I guess maybe the fire department doesn't hurry quite as much to a car fire as they would a house fire?
Yeah, there was nobody in the truck or anywhere near it. I figure we're just lucky that it happened in our outside parking lot and not the parking garage directly under our building...the way it was burning, had it been under the building it may well have burned part of the building also.
Geez, I hope everyone starts having better days ahead.
We've been horribly busy - we're making major changes during Open Enrollment and have been granted three temps to get us through. (Note - OE is in November.) Training them and training on the new products....such fun.
Oh my gosh - it just seems like you had OE & Nov. will be here before we know it. Just where does the time go -- going way too fast.
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