Mental Health Thread #7 -- Summer's Coming!

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Since the last mental health thread has over 200 posts, I will start a new thread. Does anyone have any plans for the summer - a trip, etc.?
I'm trying to see if I can manage a trip to Williamsburg, VA this summer, but it's not looking good. I'm just waiting on Pro to tell me if a visit to see her, in September, is going to work, though!
I don't do trips but the summer is usually spent going to the Cardinal games with my brother (season tickets) but not this year though since he passed away end of Jan. :(
We are going to Washington DC and then Atlantic City the week of Labor Day. Need to start researching, getting tickets, etc.
We are actually headed to Vancouver BC and then onto a cruise to Anchorage AK this next week. Wasn't planning a large vacation this year since we did that last year with my girlies graduation trip, but my FIL is doing this for his kids and grandkids from an inheritance from his mom. It's nice, but going to be hard to be away from work/internet/phone for 10 days! I know re-entry is going to be awful at end of month, end of quarter and just trying to catch up on daily work that I can't farm out while gone. That's one bad perq of being a one person HR/payroll department!

Otherwise I was just hoping to hit a NC beach for a few days...instead of warm, we're going cold and a bit crowded....but at least I have been told the views are spectacular! (And I get to go dog sledding *Ü*)
Going fishing the middle of July at a place in Hammond NY called Black Lake. Fishing is supposed to be great and hoping to bring back some small mouth bass and walleye. Then the end of July we are getting a puppy so the rest of the summer we will be pretty busy with the new addition!
We are actually headed to Vancouver BC and then onto a cruise to Anchorage AK this next week.

My town is the first Alaskan port of call for cruises that come up here. No dog sledding here, but LOTS of spectacular views!

We are going to Disneyland in late July with my son & his family and a number of my DIL's extended family members. After three days at Disney, everyone else is going home but we are renting a car and driving up the coast to Seattle, stopping in Oregon to visit my stepkids. We'll have a whole week so we won't have to rush and if we find someplace we want to explore a little more we can take the time to do that. We'll probably go over to wine country and we'll visit the redwood forests, but we also like finding little out-of-the-way not-too-touristy places. It should be a lot of fun!
Cynthiag --- we can't wait to get to Alaska! The dog sledding though is out of Juneau. Our first port looks like a fun place to visit!
Cynthiag --- we can't wait to get to Alaska! The dog sledding though is out of Juneau. Our first port looks like a fun place to visit!

Are you stopping in Ketchikan first? That's us. Juneau is about 300 miles north of here and I wasn't aware they did dog sledding there, their weather is only marginally colder than ours but they must have some specialized tours. And they've got a glacier! We always try to go see the glacier when we're in Juneau.

I hope you have good weather for your cruise. We've had pretty decent weather lately but once in a while we'll get a really foggy day where you can't even see the mountains or any of the scenery and I always feel bad for people who are in town on cruises on those days because they don't get the full effect of how beautiful it can be here.
Yep, Ketchikan... DD#1 and I are doing the Raptor Center and hoping to see the reindeer. My husband, his dad, sister and nephew are going salmon fishing. The rest are doing some type of 4 wheeling tour.

In Juneau, we have to take a helicopter to get to the dog sledding. Not too sure about that. Should be interesting. but I've heard it tis amazing and one of the best things to do from a cruise.

I too hope the weather is nice. You will probably laugh but we are originally from TX and I find NC to be a cool for me. I prefer warm vacations and am hoping the weather is not too cold!
I didn't know they still had the reindeer here. Reindeer aren't native to Alaska but I guess they do okay in our environment.

We've got lots of regular deer here, there are two little bucks who have been coming into our yard a lot recently and chowing down on the dandelion leaves and our neighbor said they have been bedding down in his yard at night. We live right on a busy street in a residential area but there are lots of deer and bears. We also have a bald eagle living in a tree behind our house right now...there are lots of bald eagles here but in the 25 years I've owned the house this is the first time we've had one living that close to the house.

They must be doing the dog sledding in the mountains or near the glacier if you have to helicopter to get there. I wouldn't be too excited about the helicopter part, I've never been on one nor do I care to be, but I bet it will be a beautiful trip.

Normally the temps this time of year around here are in the high 50's to low 60's so bring warm clothing! It occasionally will get up to around 70 degrees in June but that doesn't happen very often, and since all of the towns on a cruise are right on the ocean there's usually a cool breeze blowing in off the water. We have to laugh sometimes, when it gets to 60 degrees the locals are out running around in our shirtsleeves & shorts and people come into town on cruises and are wearing gloves and winter jackets at those temperatures.
Hey Rick- You said your going to Atlantic City so check out a small village a little north (1/2 hour) of there called Smithville. Its a great place to visit. They have a village there with all these different kinds of shops and great restaurants. There is even an Inn if you wanted to stay over night. If you google " Smithville Village New Jersey" it will come up. I try and get down there at least once a year . I love it.
Saving for retirement this fall so no major vacations this year. My sister and I will be going to a small town in southern Iowa sometime next month to bury our parents. Both died in the last two years out in AZ, but we haven't made the trip to Iowa to bury their ashes as yet.
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Gstone, thanks for the tip. That place sounds like fun (much more fun than Atlantic City, as far as I'm concerned. That part of the trip is DH's choice).

Ida, sorry for your losses.
cbg, have you & your husband been visited by the "Boston tickler" yet? :)
I just heard about that this morning. That's happening in Brighton, north of us. I will be checking to make sure the door is locked very carefully!
Rick- If you go on their website they have a calendar of events and there is always something going on like antique shows, car shows, stuff like that. If you do get there I know you won't be disappointed. Like I said I try and get there at least once a year ( I live 3-3 1/2 hours north of there) and my favorite store is The two country ducks. I always find stuff in there to spend my money on :)
With the swimming pool, it doesn't make much sense for us to go anywhere in the summer. We did two weekend trips last summer with two grandkids and we were all miserable in the crowds and heat.
Hopefully DH and I will get to go somewhere in the fall, but we may have the grandkids full-time by then so who knows.
Since the last mental health thread has over 200 posts, I will start a new thread. Does anyone have any plans for the summer - a trip, etc.?

Let's see ... graduated two more boys - only one left and starting high school ... so, moving the next two out and off to college is the plan.

But! Let's see, #1 son got the date wrong on a final, so his grade dropped from an A to a C and USD does not accept C's for entering juniors. So, he has to retake the class over the summer session, THEN go to USAF boot camp, THEN go to USD in the Spring, and then off to UCSD or USC in a couple years for dental school (paid for by the USAF). But, since his apartment lease is done, he will be moving home or ...

But! Another son just got an apartment in the college town where son #1 lives! But, his job is here some 30 miles away, so he will remain here until he gets a job in said college town and #1 son will live in #2's apartment until he goes to boot camp.

#3 son has decided not to move and will commute to school for a while preferring to save some money thus causing my wife to groan that she is not gaining a laundry room ... or, rather, will be using my office (formerly #4 son's bedroom as he is moving into #2's room) as her laundry room in conjunction with my office.

Soooo ... while we anticipated a nearly empty nest, we will have between two and three boys here all summer. MAYBE only two in the fall, and maybe only one by spring.


As for summer plans, the usual ... COMIC-CON in San Diego with #1 son!
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