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Anyone seen the news about Mariott putting envelopes in their rooms to "encourage" people to tip the maid? I do tip the maid, because I can afford to and I appreciate their service, but it is to be gravy for them-it's not for the hotel to "remind" me of what I "have" to do. And I'm sure Mariott's long term plan here is to say maids receive tips so they can pay them the lower wage servers get. This is not out of the goodness of their hearts.
I actually rather like the idea as I am never quite sure where to leave the tip that it is clear that it is a tip and not just loose change I left out. I can't imagine housekeeping ever qualifying as tipped employees under FLSA.

I remember being in Houston with my munchkins a few years ago and the kiddos making elaborate signs to point out the tip they left. Four teenagers to a room and yeah, housekeeping earned that tip, but I was so proud of my munchkins for taking turns each day leaving a tip without me even having to prompt them. The girls even left a nice note thanking the housekeeper. This is just one reason my munchkins rock.
Asking for a friend and former AHI-er.

Has anyone heard anything about changes or amendments to the IRS definitions of employee vs. independent contractor, with specific reference to Recreation and possibly Schools? Any scuttlebutt or rumors that they may be extending the definitions in these areas and cracking down on employers?
Counting them down!
5 work days until my semi/sort-of-retirement.
This time next week they'll be throwing a party for me, and I get to tell jokes about everyone.
Thinking about doing the Top 10 Things I'll Remember About This Place

What would yours be?
There was a 4th Circuit case out of a school district in MD (not mine!) in 2011 based on volunteers (ICs essentially) and stipends for coaching/advising.

It was a BIG DEAL when it happened and some are quicker on the draw than others. Since then, yes, these folks have been looked at much more closely though the ruling ultimately worked in favor of what most schools had been doing already.

If anything ACA has thrown a monkey wrench into the works. Not IRS per se, but certainly related. Calculating 30 hours per week is tough when a good number of "employees" are not really employees and do not track hours. While FLSA might say you can claim someone is a volunteer, ACA may view it differently. I'm sure you are experiencing said joy with your adjuncts as well.
I actually rather like the idea as I am never quite sure where to leave the tip that it is clear that it is a tip and not just loose change I left out. I can't imagine housekeeping ever qualifying as tipped employees under FLSA.

I write a note that says thank you or something like that and leave it on/in that so it's obvious.
Probably, but thank God that's not my area. Some of you long-time AHI-ers might remember Crystal. She's now working in municipal recreation and this is affecting her. She asked me to throw this out to you all and see if anyone had any insight.
There is a recreation and amusement exemption and anything municipal can be challenging. This is nothing new though. Parks and Rec were the bane of a certain dearly departed payroll guru of ours.

That fitness instructor who teaches elsewhere but does a one off class for the Rec Department is still hard to classify. My suspicion is that the renewed scrutiny is still ACA based, not strictly IRS/FLSA based. Be glad you aren't dealing with adjunct qualification. If I am not bald by Thanksgiving, I will call it a "win".
OK, what is the deal with a certain poster on many of the other threads here? What is his major malfunction and why does he think it is appropriate to make insulting remarks about religion? When I point it out, he warns me not to flame or troll. Not to mention most of what he shares is totally inaccurate and not in any way helpful unless you already agree with his horribly skewed view of the world.

I think I need to take a break from this board as I really don't need his aggravation.
Not sure that's what she meant

My retirement party here at the office is next week. The following Monday I drive from Arlington to No. Dallas for my first consulting gig. My wife said we should travel after retirement, somehow I don't think this is what she had in mind.
I seriously doubt that is what she had in mind! :)
Been quiet around here. Fall allergy season is upon us and I finally broke down and took an antihistamine. Feeling all kinds of loopy.
Open Enrollment is fast approaching; we have two new vendors, a new product, and major changes to the plan design of existing plans. Also been having blood sugar issues. Not a fun time.
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