Mental Health Thread #5 - It's a New Year!

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So sorry to hear about your brother. That has to be really rough. Hang in there and don't be afraid to reach out to friends.
So sorry, Betty dear. Please don't hesitate to call me if there's anything I can do.
Elle, I think in this case it's less the losing team than the losing quarterback. You know as well or better than anyone that football is not my game of choice by a long shot, but I do know that perhaps the two biggest names in football currently are Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, both quarterbacks and both powerhouses. Not only did Manning lose, but he got his behind handed to him by the Seahawks. Manning doesn't lose often (and when he loses, he loses to Brady, as the meme says). To lose so overwhelmingly in a Superbowl - well, let's just say that Brady country as well as Seahawks country are having a good time.
Ice day(s) here. Another storm predicted for the weekend as well. As long as the snow holds off until Saturday night, I am good. Last tournament of the regular season on Saturday and my idea of a god time is not getting stuck in a snow storm with 300 munchkins. Been there, done that. It sucks. The penguin and I are going to have words if he makes an early visit and those words may not be fit for munchkin ears.
Elle you've always expressed disinterest in sports, but it wasn't until recently that I heard you mention that you don't "get" sports. That surprised me because you're so involved with the Munchkins in a competitive arena.
There is a world of difference between team sports and what my munchkins do. Forensics and Debate makes total sense to me :)
It seems to me that debate and forensics are just as much a competitive "sport" as's just an intellectual sport as opposed to a physical sport. They have teams, they have "games", they have tournaments, etc. And I've known some kids who did debate and they were every bit as competitive at that as any baseball, basketball, or soccer player was at their sport!
Oh, it is competitive all right. "Teams" are either all the students from a particular school, who may be involved in many different events and don't really compete against or with one another, or for 3 events, a partner. It is much more individualized, like tennis or golf.

I get competition, but not in a sports context. For one, I really don't get violent sports. Why would anyone want to be slammed into the ground repeatedly by overweight competitors? I do my best to never get punched or have 300 lbs land on me for any reason. Best case scenario, you only end up with bruises. Like the current NFL lawsuit over head injuries. In what universe would anyone think constant blows to the head were not going to have any kind of effect? I'm waiting for boxers and wrestlers to follow suit.

I totally get the camraderie and enjoyment that comes from physical activities and all that. But there is much that will always baffle me. I flunked team allegiances. The players change. The coaches change. Most of the players aren't even from or live in the town for the team they represent. I know I am very much in the minority on this but beyond HS, maybe college, I don't get following a team. A particular player who has skills you admire or who is a really decent person, I get. Cal Ripken is a really good guy who has done a ton for the community, worked hard and stayed very down to earth. I respect that though I have no idea how he ranks athlete wise. The Ravens had a guy on the team who should have been in prison for murder. I don't care what he can do with a football.

I also lack the patience to sit and watch a game for several hours. Add in a bunch of rules that seem fairly arbitrary to me and the fact that I think my brain just rejects anything sports trivia related and it just gets worse. For those who enjoy it, great. I have been able to watch some soccer games and not lose attention as there isn't much downtime.
I'm with you on the violence thing. I totally don't get boxing. And I thought I was the only one who thought it's odd that the players like in NFL are from all over the country.
It is more fun to watch a game live and/or with friends. Like I said the superbowl party we went to was mostly about the food and playing with my niece.
Don't get me started, Elle. I live in Cincinnati, and the Bengals and their owner especially, treat the taxpayers of this county as their own personal piggy bank and show nothing but contempt for the city that bears their name. We have the most one sided lease agreement in the NFL, and the person that negotiated it was promptly voted out of office the next year-except he didn't care because, purely coincidentally I'm sure, he immediately got hired in a top dollar management position with the Bengals, which he still holds 10 years later. Their latest demand is a new scoreboard when they know the county is broke, and the terms of the lease require us to give it to them. And the same people who complain about the government taking all their money voted for that damn new stadium and still give this organization their money. I can't fathom it.
Y'all should live in Boston during Red Sox season. (Yes, I'm just as guilty as the next woman.) Even the players say that Boston takes it to a new level.
Nothing like opening the home page of the local TV station to check on the impending snow reports and seeing a video still of your office with a crime alert. It is for a non-violent crime and they caught the suspect on video but it is still one of those heart sinking moments.
I haven't posted on for almost two weeks except in this forum (human resource) last week re the loss of my brother & also not feeling very well. I want to thank the users who expressed condolences on the death of my brother. They were certainly appreciated & helped. Elle, you said don't be afraid to reach out to friends. The thing is I didn't/I don't know how to.

I will start reading threads/posts in the other forums again shortly. I hope everyone is doing well. Betty3
Talk, call, vent, visit friends, visit the forums, hang around on C & T, chat on FB. Anything you need to connect with others. You have many who care about you. No need to go through this all alone.
Betty my brother is having a hard time(of course) dealing with the loss of his son and he lives alone. I advised him similar to what Elle said. Talk to people, visit. Get out and do simple things. His other two boys say they don't know what to do for him. They just need to be there. Call on your friends to be there, they probably want to help and don't know how.
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