Mental Health Thread #5 - It's a New Year!

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Since the current mental health thread has over 200 replies/posts, I will start a new thread for the New Year!

Here's to a New Year! :beer:
I'll toast a non-alcoholic champagne :)

I wish you all a joyful 2014 filled with as many precious moments as you can. Good health to all!

Lots and lots of love,

Pro, Mr. Pro, the Pro kids, the Pro grandbabies, the doggie and the kitties.

OH! And Pigbit!

(I don't want to hijack the thread but I don't know where Pigbit is going next - does anyone have a suggestion?)

(And for anyone who doesn't know, Pigbit is our sort of travel gnome. He's attended Harvard Law School, interned in LA Superior Court, spent hours eating wonderful food and going on adventures. :) )
Pigbit is coming to us at Easter!

Here's to a year where I never have to post some variation of "It's okay - we're fine - it's nowhere near us" on Facebook and Mental Health threads. It got really old having to do that so often in 2013.
Nice post, Proserpina. Tell your whole family including Pigbit I said hi. Pigbit has traveled more than a lot of people. :) I'm non-alcoholic also.

I hope you don't either, cbg.
Let's see, a non-alcoholic New year (but this was my 23rd such alcohol-less celebration), a late sleep, an early rise to work, and looking forward to two more birds flying from the nest in the summer. This year will see some very extreme changes in the Java house as we will have dwindled from 6 to 3 ... what WILL we do with ourselves! :)

Fortunately, being away from the big city I rarely have to write that some horrible event is happening nearby and that we're okay. That won't change. Though, if all goes as hoped, I will be retiring from policing this year and getting into teaching full time again - and moving (if a new job takes me away). So, it could be a year of BIG changes at this end!
Good luck to you, Carl!

The first time I had to send such a message was after a big snowstorm. (The others were the Boston bombings, the subsequent shut down of the city, and the recent report of explosives on the campus of the university where I work.) We have another big snowstorm predicted for Friday, so we shall see!
Not much snow hereabouts. It's been dang cold at night, but no big snowstorms; only mild flooding and high winds in winter and spring.

Now, if anyone knows of any programs out there where I can earn a stipend while earning my PhD, please forward me links or contact info! Financing a PhD while feeding my family is not something I can do AND work as a cop full time doing shift work.
Subject matter of PhD? I work for a major university - you never know.
Sociology, Education, Admin of Justice or Public Services ... or related fields. :)
I'd appreciate any leads or ideas. :) Thanks.
The best of luck to you Carl if you retire from policing & go into teaching. Teaching would be neat! I always wanted to be a teacher but for various reasons it didn't happen.
I do it part time now, and am looking at some community college opportunities, but would much prefer to work towards a PhD and teach or conduct research at the university level. ... <sigh> if only I had thought to do this a decade ago!
I wanted to teach grade school, junior high or high school.
Awww, little ones - that would have been fun for me. However, I made more money as a life ins. underwriter than friends of mine who were teachers just as long as I was an underwriter or longer. They taught high school & below though - I'm sure college would be different. I didn't want to teach for the money though. I just love kids & teaching. I got to teach new underwriters when they started but it just wasn't the same.
I get my teaching fix with the munchkins. I started coaching in 1994 and I am far from ready to give it up.
Debate coaching sounds like fun, Elle, & you get to be around kids. (your munchkins)
And it has been snowing gangbusters all afternoon here. The drive home is going to suck. Be careful Cathie!
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