Mental Health Thread #5 - It's a New Year!

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"cbg" gets to work from home tomorrow so that's good - just so she get home ok today. You be careful too, Elle.
I'm home safely and will be working from home tomorrow. We did a staggered closing with those who have the longest commutes being sent home first, and the ones who live closer staying later. Then those of us who left first, logged in from home so there was still coverage when the last ones left. Tomorrow the office is technically closed but employees with issues are encouraged to leave an email or voice mail; each of us has a two-hour shift during which we will respond to any emails or voice mails that come in during our time.
Gee ... it's sunny and chilly here ... our laws and social system here may be fouled up, but you generally can't argue about the weather!
They've just upped the snow totals - my area could conceivably get 24 inches.
Holy smokes! And when we get 6" just west of here, they freak out! :eek:
They've just upped the snow totals - my area could conceivably get 24 inches.


We are predicted here in the St. Louis area starting Monday to get below zero temperatures for the lows & highs slightly above zero. I believe there are quite a few areas of the country with very cold temps. predicted. :(
PLEASE be safe, my friends!

I shall have Pigbit light a special prayer candle to make sure.

<--- lives once again in a place where 6 inches of snow would send everyone into a mass panic and the State would shut down
We are quite safe; Pigbit's candle is much appreciated.

Most of the models are showing us as 14-18 inches; one or two models are showing the 18-24. But either way, the storm is scheduled to be over by about mid-day and I don't have to be anywhere prior to that time. My whole department is working from home tomorrow; DH's classes haven't started yet so he's fine, and Maven (as the old AHI gang knows her) is also working from home tomorrow so we're all hunkered down.
Gee; if it wasn't for the weather, we wouldn't have anything to talk about. :) We got 5 inches today & now they said on the 10:00pm news we are predicted (though amt. could change) 6-8 inches of snow Sunday. The real cold temperatures then come in on Monday.

I heard parts of N.Y. are getting a snow storm. Is there anyone who isn't getting snow and/or really cold temperatures? (other than Carl & Pro)
That's true or baseball! :) ................
Do you like college football Pro - the bowl games?
Could we just skip the sports talk? I think I lack the gene to comprehend sports. Several inches of the icky white stuff and below freezing temps. I think my employer is the only one of its kind open anywhere in the area. We opened at noon. The roads are horrible. Luckily, I live not far from work and can take my time getting home.
I would estimate that we got between 16 and 18 inches although its very hard to tell with the blowing and drifting. My whole department is working from home today and we're keeping in touch by email.
That is a lot of snow. Definitely enough to shut down this entire area. Heck, we "only" got between 3 and 6 inches and 90% of the area is shut down. I am shocked my employer opened at all and ther eis much grumbling about it. Honestly, I think they would have closed today too if not for just having been closed for the past almost 2 weeks.
They are saying 10-12 inches by Sunday afternoon on top of what we already have with temp. 10 below zero Sunday night & high of 1 Monday. A big problem they are saying will be the high blowing winds. (visibility problem, wind blowing snow back on roads after cleared, drifts......)
Close your ears Elle. The Cowboys really stuck this year, but I was rooting for them in the last game so we'd have a Cowboys vs Saints playoff game. In my circle of friends we're about 1/2 and 1/2 so it's usually
a fun party with food from TX and LA. Oh well just have to watch the Saints win tonight anyway.

Ok Elle back to the weather. Cold, cold here. It's a challenge to keep two kids entertained indoors.
Mizzou won their bowl game yesterday! :) (Sorry Elle)
We got 12 inches of snow & many taller drifts. It will be minus 11 tonight with wind chills 30-40 below. Way too cold! We might get more snow Wed. I'm so tired of winter. :(
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