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$3.89 here in Il. but a little cheaper across the Mississippi in Mo.
Yeah, it was about 50 cents a gallon when I started driving.

Some of you know that one of my hobbies is collecting antique children's books, particularly series books. I have one series, written in the 30's, that has a conversational exchange about the price of gasoline: "How much is gasoline a gallon?" "13 cents for the kind I use." "Here's 39 cents - get three gallons".
When I was a kid, my Dad would always generally just get a dollar's worth of gas & it would last quite some time. That is when they would wash your windows, pump the gas for you, check your oil & tires.
My partner likes the really old cheesy black and white sci fi movies from the 50s. We watched one a few weeks ago, real cold war propaganda, about how society breaks down after the Russians nuke us. The family was trying to buy gas, and the price gouging price the station owner was charging post nuclear crisis was $3.00 a gallon!
There was a gas station on the corner where I grew up. I remember a gas war in the 50s when the price dropped from $0.25/gal to $0.19 for a week and everyone was filling up their cars, outboard motors and such.

I also recall later when prices began to climb, an uncle swearing that gas would never reach the outrageous sum of $1.00/gal as some were predicting.
I remember being advised in Driver's Ed to always keep a dollar bill in your glove compartment in case you needed to get gas. Of course paying at the pump didn't exist and gas was under a dollar a gallon so even $1 in gas would last you a few days.
I drive a Mercury Mountaineer and its about 28 mile to work and 28 mile back. So a tank of gas goes quickly. This sounds a little crazy but it works for me……… I don't let my gas gauge go below a half tank and it helps when I pull into the station and ask for $35 or $40 worth of gas and it fills my tank. I know I am only fooling myself…..but every little bit helps these days! :)
It's not crazy Gstone! I basically do the same thing. I have 2011 chevy malibu and when the gauge reads between a half an three quarters, I fill it up too! It seems to feel better when your topping off for under $20.00 as opposed to shelling out $50.00 or more. Like I said, it's not crazy! Whatever makes you feel like you are not getting the shaft all at once, works for me.
Thanks Benny. When gas is over $3.50 a gallon and my tank reads less than a 1/4 it could take 65-70 in one shot to fill my 30 here and 30 there seems to dull the pain a little.
I do something on the same order. I generally just buy $20.00 of gas at one time. It "makes me feel like" I'm not putting so much money out for gas. When I was working, I drove around the same as you, GStone, about 28 miles to & 28 miles back. However, I am now retired & don't drive near as many miles, as when I was working, so $20.00 even lasts me for a while. :)
That's what I like to think. :)
I got a kick out of reading how many of you do that "trick" to make it seem like you're not paying so much for gas! We have the opposite husband will fill the tank up at work and the office just adds it onto our running bill and then I have a heart attack when I go to pay the bill each money and it's over $250 (which isn't hard to do at $75 or more per fill-up) :( And he ALWAYS waits until we're running on fumes and ALWAYS fills the tank.
Whoa! $250.00 at once - I can understand the amt. though. Yesterday gas here was $3.89. I just got back from taking one of my brothers some place & went past the gas station & it was down to $3.75. Almost sounds like a bargain.
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