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We have a new home, my fellow AHI-ers! Welcome, and feel free to answer any questions you may see that interest you!
This is great! Thanks! Katie421 from Jersey here! But I went back to the original on screen name that I first used on AHI.
Yes, penguins are lovely little critters.
Penguins are more than welcome to play in our little pond, but please don't eat the little fish, they're nice, too.
Hi AJ! The penguins are something of an in-joke with the gang that will soon be arriving here - I'll fill you in later.
If we're lucky, maybe the Penguin will not find us over here! :)
We can only hope. But then again, the Penguin knows where most of us live.
BTW, I don't want it to sound as if new members are not welcome. AJ, Proserpina, BayStateGirl, thelawprofessor, I've known all of you long enough to know you'll fit right in - you're welcome here too!
We can only hope. But then again, the Penguin knows where most of us live.

Yea, you're right & I'm sure the Penguin will probably follow us over here. It's hard to hide from that Penguin.
I've emailed everyone I have an address for - I think you have some emails I don't, so feel free to duplicate. I have the message up on the old board for as long as it lasts, and I put a notice on nobscot and on LLT as well. If you have any ideas for promoting the site, let Michael or me know!
Haven't seen many penguins up here at Benden either, but if I see any I'll send them straight to you!

(I assume this is Benden - it's the Northeast, after all!)
Not open for further replies.