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Whoa! $250.00 at once - I can understand the amt. though. Yesterday gas here was $3.89. I just got back from taking one of my brothers some place & went past the gas station & it was down to $3.75. Almost sounds like a bargain.

Yeah, I try to pay half of it on the 15th of the month and half at the end of the month, it makes it sting a little less!

We seem to go through a lot of gas considering that my office is only about 5 minutes from home and my husband's work is only another five minutes from here, but my husband likes to drive different places to walk the dog and get exercise himself. There are several bike paths and trails that we drive to and one enclosed area where we take her to play and that's a half-hour drive one way. So we end up driving around a lot for the sake of the dog. We refer to our Explorer as her "rolling kennel"! (No, she's not a bit spoiled. :D)
I love dogs & I love it when people do stuff like that for their dog(s). Mine isn't spoiled either - yea sure he isn't! :)
When gas prices are dropping I do $20 at a time, which will keep me going for several days. By the time I need gas again, it's dropped a little more.

When gas prices are rising I fill my tank before it gets any higher.
Happy March 1st everyone. We're getting closer & closer to spring. (& baseball!! - though spring training games have already started & the Cardinals have scored 46 runs in their last 4 games)
Yay, spring is definitely on the way! We had a very mild February and we already have crocuses blooming, and it's now daylight when I come to work in the morning and daylight when I get home in the evening most days! The longer days are the sign of spring I welcome most. I always feel much perkier and awake when we start getting more daylight each day!
I like the longer daylight also. Time goes fast enough (& the older you get the faster it seems to go) but I am still looking forward to spring & warmer weather & all that comes with it.
Dogwoods and other trees are starting to bloom here in No. TX. Hope their optimism isn't premature.
I hope not also. I love it when everything starts to bloom - so beautiful!
Well, pooh. 41 degrees here and that counts as a warm day in March in New England.
51 in St. Louis area currently - avg. high for this time of the year is 50 so we're at avg. today.
It is an absolutely gorgeous spring-like 45 degrees here. It is supposed to stay this way through Thursday, then go back to our normal rainy weather with possibly some snow showers mixed in. Of course it will probably not just rain but really pour, with howling husband leaves town for a few days on Thursday so that means I'll be the one who has to do all the dog-walking duties in the rain/snow/whatever!
It's snowing though we are predicted just to get a dusting (or so they say) & then the rest of the week will be in the mid to upper 50s (again or so they say).
Looking for a new vehicle...I now drive quite a bit and have 'old lady hips'..meaning after driving for an extended amount of time it takes a while to stand up straight. Need something that sits a wee bit higher up. I've test driven the Mazda CX5--nope...Ford Escape--nope, the Honda and Nissan can't pull the boat so nope (the small cross over SUV). I test drove a Hyundai Santa Fe...wowser! Nice ride, tows up to 3500 lbs. Anyone have this vehicle? Do you like it?
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