Mental Health #11 - A New Beginning

I was hoping to get to see her in a few weeks. :( I know you will, but please give her a huge hug from me and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
So on open enrollment day we have meetings throughout the day. Last meeting slot I check the list to see who is left. Only two employees left. Great you think. Oh No. We had recently had an issue of sexual harassment between these two. So of course we had to have one on ones. Sigh.
I'll see your one-on-ones and raise you a First Day of Open Enrollment and the Phones Are Down. (In the Benefits call center)
FMLA is my life (or it feels that way some days). Per the DOL:

For planned medical treatment, the employee must consult with the employer and try to schedule the appointment at a time that minimizes the disruption to the employer. The employee should consult with the employer prior to scheduling the treatment in order to arrange a schedule that best suits the needs of both the employee and employer. Of course, any schedule of treatment is subject to the approval of the treating health care provider.

So, the answer is the ever popular, "it depends". It seems strange that this would be scheduled so far out. If it can be deferred more than a month, than it also seems like another 3 weeks or so is unlikely to make a huge difference, but I am not this person's doctor.

I also wonder, if this person is truly "running the store", if they fall under the key employee provision (top 10% based on compensation), in which case reinstatement isn't obligatory.
We don't use our Mental Health thread very much any more, but I am definitely in need of it today. We just had an employee pass away of terminal cancer - only about a month after her original diagnosis. She was in her early 30's with a husband and small child. I didn't know her well, but she was a very nice young woman in the interactions I did have with her, and I heard many good things about her from employees & customers alike. The last time I talked to her, a few weeks ago, it was when she called me up to tell me that she'd been told there was nothing they could do and she was making end-of-life plans. It's so sad for the family, and for her co-workers who spent every day with her in a small department where they are almost like family.

I've been alive long enough to know that life isn't fair, but some days it feels fair less fair than it has any right to be. :(
from my brother's FMLA investigation

When asked why the firm didn't grant ee FMLA leave, HR replied "he didn't receive it because he didn't request it." HR had a copy of ee's WH380-E(Certification of Health Care Provider) in the files she referred to during the conference. She provided a copy to us.

The supervisor also acknowledged that when the ee inquired about FMLA he googled it and glanced over it quickly on the web-site and decided that the ee didn't qualify. He told the ee at the time that he thought it would be easier for everybody if he just quit.

He got his right to sue letter but hopefully they will settle and not drag it out.

Well of course that's true. It's always easier if they just quit, then we don't have to worry
about all this FMLA nonsense.
Well after two years of being unable to work due to health issues, my brother got his disability approval and he will receive a lump sum back pay. What a huge relief for him and his sister who has been helping him out A LOT!
Well after two years of being unable to work due to health issues, my brother got his disability approval and he will receive a lump sum back pay. What a huge relief for him and his sister who has been helping him out A LOT!

Great news.

The key to SSDI is to be persistent.

Glad to hear his paid off.
My wife just called and told me that one of her counselors lost her daughter about 3:00 AM this morning.

The girl was only a 14 year old sophomore.

She had contracted the flu about a month ago, was hospitalized for about four days.
She was released, and returned to school.
(BTW: the child attended the high school where her mother is a counselor.)

She went back to school, about two weeks later she started to feel poorly.
She's been back and forth to physicians. and last evening her mother took her to ER.
Sadly, she suffered from sepsis, apparently acquiring MRSA during her hospitalization.

My wife knew the teen, and her mother works for in her school.
The kid was a good student, active in school, and well liked by teachers and students.
Her mother is understandably beside herself, is going to be out grieving and making funeral arrangements.
The school has called in grief counselors.
The only good news is the death wasn't at the hands of some deranged shooter.