Mental Health #11 - A New Beginning

I need some mental health. One of my most hated responsibilities, as holder of the company credit card, is to book travel for our salesmen. There is a major trade show for our industry that comes up every year and every year it is the bane of my existence, because they take forever to decide who is going to go, when they want to leave/return, if spouses are invited are not, etc., etc. One guy changed his mind so many times about whether he would take his wife, and refused to believe there was not a direct flight that somehow Expedia, the biggest travel site, didn't know about...I finally got him booked and happy after like 2 weeks of him hem hawing and going back and forth. He just came in and decided he wants to change his flight to Saturday.
Ever have an ex-employee who just won't go away? He worked here 3 weeks, decided he didn't like working with the people in his dept and his mgr so he quit. He has been a royal pain since then writing numerous lengthy emails and calling various people, telling us how we should run our business. His latest is that he is not happy that the unemployment office called and spoke to his mgr. He wrote "please have him removed from the unemployment issue. Also please have his comments stricken from the unemployment claims record immediately. Please tell the claims officer that he should not be allowed to be involved." Sorry Dude, I am doing no such things.
And you are responsible for what the UI office does? Wow, I hadn't realized you had that power. ;)
That is absolutely crazy. I've had a few short-term employees who kept turning up to make our lives miserable after they'd left the company, but never to that extreme!
Well now he wrote a lengthy letter to the UI officer which she is forwarding to us. Should be a fun read.

People never cease to amaze.
My dad would take me to our local mall as a small lad, and he'd buy a cup of coffee, I'd get an ice cream cone, or a bag of popcorn.
We would walk the mall, and sit for hours watching people.
Dad loved to just watch, and would instruct me as we sat.
We'd converse and he'd query me about what I observed.
Dad taught me much of what I later used during voir dire and client interviews.
People and what they do, or fail to do, never cease to amaze me, and what gets them agitated; myself included.
Humans are very strange, mysterious critters for sure.
Well now he wrote a lengthy letter to the UI officer which she is forwarding to us. Should be a fun read.

There's an awesome unemployment consultant who posts on a couple other boards. Too bad that person's too "shy" to come here - s/he'd probably be a great help to your former EE.
There is indeed an awesome former UI case worker who posts on a couple of boards, and any time she wants to post here she would be more than welcome.

There is also an individual who poses as an unemployment consultant who is really nothing of the kind; who has a much higher opinion of herself that she deserves; who has been described by one lawyer as having found a hat and thinks that made her a cowboy (I have cleaned up his metaphor a bit); whose methods are often unethical and whose advice is frequently poor. By your wording I suspect this is the individual you mean. I likewise suspect she knows better than to post on another board that I moderate and if she ever shows her face here I will do everything in my power to see that she doesn't stay long.