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Infraction 25662 (a)

Discussion in 'Juvenile Crime, Law & Court' started by sam6543, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. sam6543

    sam6543 Law Topic Starter Guest

    My 18 year old son received a citation. 25662 (a) Minor possess alcoholic beverage. We just found out that he has a mandatory appearance. What can we expect and what should we say to the judge?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Every criminal defendant, irrespective of age, should always plead NOT guilty, admit to nothing, comment on nothing, confess to nothing, and stand on his or her right to remain silent.

    He or she should then ask the court if he or she qualifies for a public defender (if finances are limited); or hire an attorney to represent his/her interests.

    Pleading guilty just because you are charged is idiotic.

    All criminal defendants are INNOCENT until proven guilty or pleading guilty.

    An alcohol violation can harm an 18-20 year old for years to come, and deny the person access to certain jobs.
  3. CdwJava

    CdwJava Moderator

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    These are most often charged as infractions and handled in Traffic Court. As an infraction, court appointed counsel will not be offered. However, if charged as an infraction (as they almost always are) no criminal history will be generated. However, a guilty verdict "shall" result in a one year suspension of one's license by the court per VC 13202.5 so that should be taken into consideration.

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