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Ok so start it off....3 dui convictions last resulted in 18 months prison time. 4 years after that one got another dui, and this one is the same charge 3rd dui felony (as occurred within 7 years of other 2). So have 2 prior felonies the dui felony and an assault charge after my first dui due to a head injury in a motorcycle crash and the aftermath with an officer. Assault charge is old 2004 but on a police officer.This is serious time now basically 5-6 years if they go presumptive which it is no guarantee. I quit and gave up on life after this and am currently fleeing. I quit my 60k a year job immediately following this....this company I worked for during my third dui and they hired me out of prison when I got out. My occupation was retail manager and I worked at one of the highest paying companies for this job. I am not a skilled tradesman....I had a good job and fucked it. I went to college during my prison term and did well initially and then fucked it off. I tried to go to college after prison and did well and then fucked it off. College just is not gonna work. My car (and its loan), my credit cards, my bank account , have all been fucked off--they cease to exist. Car was forfeited to bank...I promptly maxed my credit cards buying more beer and paying for rent. I am many 1000's of dollars in debt. After my third dui even with the prison term I had a guarantee of employment from my company and a 750 credit score.....coming right out of prison. I now see this situation as follows:
1. I am a felon for both agg assault and 1x dui, 2x dui if I ever go to court.
2. With my history I will never secure any job that isn't min wage at burger king etc. we're talking explaining away large gaps in employment etc. If I can even secure employment.
So my current situation:
1. I have not appeared at any court dates. A warrant has been issued after 2 missed initial hearing dates.
2. I do not work nor do I live at any address court should have available. I intend on never getting a driver's license again as it is defaulted to this. I do not care about owning property in my name.
3. The address I am at has been paid for twice on a credit or debit card I own over one year ago. this address has never been used by me on paper anywhere.
1: are the police actively searching for me? Will they pull those bank records from a year ago?
2. I do not care about turn yourself in bullshit my dui has never resulted in injury I don't want to hit you and than you dent my car....I'm avoiding hitting you or other cars
3. Furthermore I understand my life Is fucked. I have a spouse that is nicely employed.....we can live nicely with her employment and moving 1000 miles away.
4. Chances of me obtaining bottom of the barrel employment? I want to do something.

Please help 4 duis in state of az. 3 within 7 years so felony dui . I really need a lawyer to take at least 20k so they can get me the mandatory minimums the state outlines in their sentencing guidelines. If I don't pay you 1000's I'm not sure I can get the same mandatory state mininmums. Please I need to give you money!

Really tho I have this problem and I will flee from it forever.
1. I have quit my job and do not live at any known address.
2. I am content with never driving again, owning property in my name, attaching anything to my name.
3. I have a spouse who makes good money.
4. What do I have to lose? Everything is alllready gone....employment, cars, credit, assets, I have nothing. The trade off is go to prison for a 6 year presumptive or just flee. There is no hope even after six years imprisonment. Might I mention significant other I am not married or attached to this person on paper. We are prepared to to live our lives. I am prepared to live my life off all documents without a care. Again no connection to this person what so ever
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More than likely, the police aren't hunting you.
If you use your true identity, you'll eventually be discovered and they'll come get you.
Your social security number and/or fingerprints.
If you stay out of trouble, use cash, don't work, don't risk driving, you could run as long as your money holds out.
If avoiding the law and its penalties is your goal, your best bet is to leave the USA.
There are many countries where you can live very well on $1,000 to $2,500 a month.
At this point, leaving the US might be a problem, but they rarely chek you leaving the US, it's your return where the dirt comes out.

I wish you well, and hope you get your life sorted.

DUI is serious, but I've never agreed with treating multiple DUIS as felonies. I understand, but I'm a nobody, and its the bigshots that call all the shots.
Good luck living life as a fugitive, then. Keep in mind that as you get older, you will not have Social Security, welfare, etc., if you stay off the grid. So, you had best be prepared to be indigent going forward and pray that this "spouse" will be there forever and ever.

This is not a lawyer referral service. You can use the Find Lawyers feature at the top of the page, or, start calling around for attorneys in the jurisdiction where this occurred and see what you can find out. Better to deal with it than run from it and hope you never get contacted by the cops again and enjoy living life in a hole under a rock.