Fraud, Embezzlement, Bad Checks Family Member Has Committed Government Fraud & I Want Them To Go To Prison

I get it and it is a never ending cycle. Usually when the government gets involved someone has to pay for that. So, CARES act, Affordable healthcare act, free Obama phones what ever. Someone pays and that someone is the middle class via increased costs.

So yes the system does get abused and somethings do happen but overall I believe the former soldiers who deserve the benefits receive them.
The middle class has been lawfully robbed and forced into the gifting class.
In my years of working for a governmental agency, in some cases investigating alleged fraud, I noticed that one of the major reasons that people got caught in most cases where they attempted fraud was that their relatives and supposed friends would report them eagerly. They kept the fraud hot lines hot. And a whole lot of verification is done that the general public is not aware of.

However, there were some aspects of the situation that people who were peripherally involved did not tend to understand. As has been earlier mentioned, yes, you can call in and report someone for fraud. you can tell the agency what they are doing and how they are doing it. BUT this does not entitle you to one single further bit of feedback about what has happened to the person or whether there has been an actual investigation. In many cases, there is an investigation launched. These agencies are not nearly as trusting as the general public assumes. They don't take people's word for much at all about things. And not having seen the person's actual case files or knowing exactly what they're reporting, or whether they've been investigated, etc. you are left in the situation of sitting around angrily waiting for someone to come in and do what you want them to do, as in throw this deadbeat in the pokey FOREVER at least. And it may never happen, and your whole big informant role may never come to anything.

The agencies do not prosecute every single person who commits fraud. How many people do you actually hear about who go to PRISON (as you request) for committing this type of fraud? When they catch someone up in it, unless it is a big old wholescale criminal system using many fake identities and such, they deal with the person, perhaps sanction them, require repayment, cut off their benefits but do not prosecute criminally. But as for your indignation and your anxiously anticipating that someone come and haul your nemesis away, I would suggest you now find something else to do.