1. M

    Injury in prison

    Hello there, My son is currently incarcerated in a prison in Idaho. He was wondering if there's a possibility of suing the facility/guards for the fact that the guards allowed an inmate from a different area into the unit where my son is. He said that person started beating on another inmate...
  2. S

    Prison Farms?

    Why did Prison Farms or Hard Labor punishment stop in the US and is there anything on the books that is preventing it for being implemented again? Surprisingly, I recently learned of a prison farm in Louisiana. That was interesting.
  3. Jeff Huxton

    Fraud, Embezzlement, Bad Checks Family Member Has Committed Government Fraud & I Want Them To Go To Prison

    I have a family member who has defrauded both the V.A. & Social Security (combined) out of approximately $650,000 since 2009/2010. This family member is a slick con artist and so far has gotten away with it. In fact, it's been the perfect crime. Even so, there was one witness to it all - myself...
  4. D

    Are prison sentences illegal under the "Commerce clause"?

    Hi, My son has written an article (listed below) concluding that: Prison sentences are illegal under the "Commerce Clause". He is in prison and does not have email access. The purpose of this email is to gain professional feedback on the merits of his claim. Prison sentences are not a...
  5. The Difference Between Prison and Jail

    Incarceration The Difference Between Prison and Jail

    This article will explain to you the difference between prison and jail, which on the surface seem like two words that mean mostly the same thing. But in the eyes of the law, prison and jail are two very different places even though both deprive a person of their liberty. Jail is Short in...