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    My father passed away in March of 2017 and there was no will or executor named. I am his only living heir, but did not take ownership of his estate due to it be insolvent. More than 7 years after his passing I am receiving a summons for past due property taxes by Lorain County , Ohio. My name...
  2. J

    Tax Debt After Divorce - Cuyahoga Co Ohio

    Hello, My divorce decree states my ex husband is liable for $13,000 in tax debt to the IRS, which he has not been paying and therefore the amount is over $25,000 now. Unbeknownst to me, the IRS does not care nor will they uphold the divorce stipulation (I assumed $13,000 in credit card debt...
  3. N

    UnSigned Prommisory Note

    Hello, I have the above from a partner 13 years ago. I was the bank for a house flipping project. I was out of town when the finished house was sold. My partner took ALL the sale money and paid off all his credit cards. When I showed up he "said" all his credit card credit was yanked, and he...
  4. Z

    60 year girlfriend's husband died over 2 years ago

    We're considering possible either moving in together or getting married. 1) Could she still collect his social security income? 2) He was a software engineer - could she still collect his pension? Would it be better to live together for her to collect income from his SS and pension? Advantages...
  5. Nani

    Property Invasion, Damages, Trespass New Law Ohio - Consecutive sentencing

    Hi, this is the question of my incarcerated friend : Is there a new law in Ohio coming into effect or that is already in effect that does away with consecutive sentencing in crimes not related to rape and murder? Consecutive sentencing example. My judge sentenced me to 10 years on count 1 of...
  6. C

    Drug Crimes, Substance Abuse Illegal search

    Officer wanted to search home and bedroom I told him no. I went in my bedroom to get my car keys when I turned around I bumped into him. He had followed me into my bedroom and was searching my shelves with my back turned. Is this legal?
  7. B

    Hope this is in the right place

    I hope someone will be able to understand this! And hopefully it’s in the correct area! My mother is in her early 80s. She has been diagnosed with dementia. I had been taking care of her checking account for the last couple of years. January or February of this year my half brother suddenly...
  8. K

    CC chargeback, atypical situation

    Hello, I'm in Ohio. In November of 22 I purchased a brand new TV from a vendor that presented it as "brand new", "US model", "full warranty. All was nice and dandy, until in April of this year it developed an issue. Upon contacting manufacturer (Samsung) I learned that my TV has a warranty -...
  9. G

    Forced Wi-Fi Use

    As an apartment resident we are being forced to pay $75/ month for a wi-fi system that was recently installed. We already subscribe to a wi-fi provider and don't need or want this more expensive service. Is there a legal way to stop being forced to accept this service? Or is moving to another...
  10. Y

    Can an airgun be open carried in public?

    Can you open carry a fully automatic BB air gun in Ohio? The wording of the law says it may not be "displayed" in public, does carrying it on your back or carrying an airgun in a holster count as displaying it in public?
  11. T

    Car owned by deceased family member

    My brother passed away in June 2020 without a will. He left behind a car he owned but it doesn’t run and is currently at my residence. According to the courts, his father, because he paid for the funeral, is the person who must fill out forms to take ownership of the vehicle, however, he refuses...
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    Daughter pulled over because exhaust was loud (her car is not loud). Police asked her to get out, and they searched her purse and car. Then let her go with no warning of exhaust. Is this legal? Mind you she is half black in a stereo-typical small town. I hate using the race card... And maybe...
  13. A

    Title Company merged 4 Parcels into one

    5 members of our family inherited a defunct corporation, and it had to be reinstated in order to liquidate the assets, which were basically 4 connecting parcels of real estate owned by the corporation. After the parcels were free of the corp,, we hired a real estate firm which found a buyer...
  14. G

    verbal agreement with another

    I bought a car. Got a loan. The car is in my name. I verbally agreed to split the payment with another person so they could afford the car. The other party has posession of the car and uses it daily. The months the other party attended college we split the payments. when the other party...
  15. M

    Rogue Landscapers

    My hired landscapers put rock down next to my driveway at the direction of my neighbor. The rocks are on my property and the neighbor paid them to do so, however, now the city says the rocks must be removed. The landscapers refuse and claim they have no responsibility. Can I sue them for the...