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    Auto Lawsuit Requirements???????

    Sorry. That's another forum and separate and independent from yours. I not aware or sure of your or the other forum popularity, ratings, quality, etc.
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    Auto Lawsuit Requirements???????

    Duplicating what??????
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    Auto Lawsuit Requirements???????

    State Vehicle Accident Occurred: NEVADA Two years ago, I was a driver for a HUGE large tourist hotel resort here in Nevada which I no longer work for. I have not worked for the hotel resort for over two years. Before leaving I got into a minor fender bender vehicle accident driving the hotel...
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    Social Security Number vs EIN (Uber/Lyft Tax Question)

    Yep will do. Uber probably did not answer (they danced around my question) .......probably because it digs into sensitive administration operational procedures regarding its drivers.
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    Social Security Number vs EIN (Uber/Lyft Tax Question)

    I just did ask Uber directly a few days ago (several times in fact). But I didn't get a straight answer to my question (so-to-speak). They kept referring me to one of their Uber links regarding taxes. It didn't have the answer I posted here and posted to Uber.
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    Social Security Number vs EIN (Uber/Lyft Tax Question)

    In Nevada State a State Business License (Corporation or LLC Filing) is required for Uber as a driver. Uber classifies its drivers as “independent contractors”. Every year, Uber must file by law IRS Form 1099-MISC and/or 1099-K with the IRS and my state tax agency reporting how much Uber paid...
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    Uber & Lyft Drivers - Customers Drinking Alcohol In Vehicle (NEVADA)

    UPDATE August 22 2017 – and this is my answer from Uber Live Chat Support: "That should not be permitted. While on trip, you may consider telling your rider that consume the alcoholic beverage after the trip".
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    Uber & Lyft Drivers - Customers Drinking Alcohol In Vehicle (NEVADA)

    Las Vegas, Nevada Uber/Lyft Drivers - do the "Open Container" Laws in Nevada - NRS 484B.150 apply to Uber/Lyft Drivers carry passengers in a vehicle whom are consuming alcoholic beverages? NOTE: Nevada Taxi Drivers, Nevada Limousine Companies and most Nevada Commercial Transportation...
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    Other Criminal Charges & Offenses Recording Audio Sound In Public Places (Legality)

    In the state of Nevada (NRS 200.690) - is it illegal to record audio conversations in public places (such as outdoors) without the other persons knowledge?
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    Premises Liability Speed Bump (Shuttle Bus)

    I drive Shuttle for a huge casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. I drove over a speed bump which slightly rattled the bus. The customer said to me – be careful. Can the customer sue me or the company at a later time; if they failed to immediately file a report of any sort before departing my Shuttle? And...
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    How Long Is Too Long?

    (Nevada Federal Case) It’s been over three weeks now (almost a month) since my friend who originally pleaded guilty and decided to accept a plea on a Federal Real Estate Criminal Case (Felony) was dismissed by a Federal Judge due to – too many delays and postponement’s by the prosecutor. But...
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    Federal Felony Crime for Fraud

    United States Federal Case I have a friend who two years ago got charged with a Federal Felony Crime dealing with both real estate fraud and credit fraud scheme (around 23 victims involved). My friend pleaded guilty to the crime. The prosecutor wanted to give my friend between ten to twenty...
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    Negligence, Other Injury Restroom Nightmare!!!!

    NEWBIE (FIRST POST) Yesterday while at work around about 2PM I experienced a horrific terrifying experience while using a major hotel resort co-ed restroom area here in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am a shuttle bus driver for a major hotel. At a second major resort hotel (not associated with the...