Negligence, Other Injury Restroom Nightmare!!!!


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Yesterday while at work around about 2PM I experienced a horrific terrifying experience while using a major hotel resort co-ed restroom area here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I am a shuttle bus driver for a major hotel. At a second major resort hotel (not associated with the company I work for) I was visiting – I had to use to use their co-ed restroom.

This hotel resort has a special outside restroom in the downstairs (Ground Zero) area especially for Shuttle & Taxi Cab Drivers who pick-up and drop off passengers (again the hotel resort where my incident occurred is not associated with the hotel resort I work for driving Shuttles).

I entered the co-ed hotel resort has a special outside restroom - once inside designed this particular restroom is designed with a solid thick brick wall with a thick steel metal enter/exit door (similar to most jail facilities). Once inside I locked the door as normal and once I was ready to exit the door lock refused to give (or open); I could not exit. I immediately began to wiggle and pull back and forth on the thick steel door metal handle trying to get it to open. Repeatedly nothing would happen ….so I began to bang hard on the door trying to get anyone’s attention walking or passing near the outside of the restroom. I began to panic (so-to-speak) but kept calm. My body began to get warm – due to nervousness, emotional/psychological trauma and anxiety and claustrophobia. After about eight minutes or so of wiggling and banging on the door some lady on the outside heard the wiggling and banging of the door by me and asked me was I stuck. Which I said yes; she then said she would call for help. About ten minutes later the maintenance people of the hotel showed up to assist. They had to use a crow-bar on the steel door to open and let me out. The maintenance people immediately placed an “Out-Of-Service” notice on that restroom. I did not need any type of medical assistance of any type after the ordeal – so no medical assistance was called upon. I just was a little shaken; shocked.

Keep in mind this particular co-ed restroom is for and mainly used randomly by Taxi Cab Drivers/Shuttle Bus Drivers, etc., and generally is not known or used by the general public and has very little “human foot-traffic” within that area; but lots of on-going passing by vehicle traffic – persons in their vehicles not using that restroom – just simply driving by.

And during this incident (about a fifteen minute ordeal or so); I mistakenly left my cellular phone and company two-way radio within the Shuttle. So I had no way of calling for assistance. Believe me; leaving my cellular phone behind – that want happen again to me anywhere.

I was not physically hurt; no ambulance was called or needed; do I have some type of “Mental Pain & Suffering” (a Lawsuit of some type) case or I have no case at all that a lawyer will take?
Your predicament was brought about by your use of the facilities, as was any mental anguish or trauma.
You were extricated because a Good Samaritan came to your aid.
If I were you, I'd consider myself lucky my bus didn't get jacked, and my junk wasn't stolen.
You have a case of the jitters, nothing the law can resolve.
I'll just add to the comments the million dollar question: How much should your anguish from such a horrific, terrifying experience be worth? Do you no longer use public bathrooms, fearing that you will be locked inside to smell defecation for all eternity? You may think I'm making a big joke about it - and I am because opposing counsel will make sure to take advantage of the opportunity. They will demand that you to prove how the trauma has manifested itself and changed your life. We haven't even asked questions about whether the owner of the bathroom was negligent. Assuming they were negligent, if you were able to commence driving and relieve yourself properly later, perhaps your largest sum might be 15 minutes worth of lost fares, which might be a single fare, at best. Keep in mind that if you intend to collect, what may have been a convenience may no longer be available as well. Decisions... Anyway, sorry to hear about your ordeal but this is what you face.