Negligence, Other Injury Who is answering these posts?

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Just curious... WHO IS ANSWERING THESE POSTS... what credentials do you have to anwser legal questions? Some of the answers seem so snarky, and there are often a wide array of answers with totally contradicting advice or opinions on the matter.
No one gives LEGAL ADVICE.
No one establishes a lawyer/client relationship with ANY poster.
The responders have varied backgrounds.
Some are attorneys, some are judges, some are simply people possessed of common sense, some have direct knowledge of certain subjects, some have been victimized, all are volunteers, and most have a sense of humor.
All information shared comes at no charge and a common sense caveat, proceed at your own discretion.

One last bit of information, NOTHING revealed here is represented to be LEGAL ADVICE, and we always suggest you should see a licensed attorney of your choosing in the jurisdiction where your problem surfaced!!!!
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