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Welcome to the Human Resources forum - catering to Human Resources issues likely to be found in an HR department and concerning HR professionals.

I like you, I really, really like you. :blush :yes:

That said, you've got a very good heart.
For those regulars who are just arriving, one of my HR boards is shutting down shortly and Michael has kindly offered us a new home here. We'll have a whole bunch new members coming in soon. Please be patient with our enthusiasm and our in-jokes; most of us have been together for well over a decade and the loss of our old board was a real shock.
Hi everyone. Thank you, Michael.
Also, thank you cbg.
You don't look banned to me. Did you have another user name at some point? If so, PM it to me and I'll check it out.
Ida, I'll check what happened when I get home - I can more easily log into the mod site from home than from work. Glad you're with us!
I see I am 'banned' .....wonder what I did wrong?
Nothing at all. Sorry about that. In case anyone experiences a technical problem, feel free to contact cbg or me directly without hesitation. We have some heavy duty spam filters here and sometimes people get caught accidentally in the net. Glad to explain the details upon request. :)
Oh. I thought Ida got voted off the island. :)
I was just kidding/teasing but I think you & Ida know that. :)
Not open for further replies.