Was Terminated 4 days before bonus payout

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Was recently terminated by my company, 4 days before bonuses were paid out. The bonus I was set to receive was based off of 2010 performances which ended Jan. 31st, 2011. Company does not pay out that bonus until April 15th. When I asked if I would still be receiving my 2010 bonus, I was informed that I had to be on company payroll on April 15th in order to receive it. Is this allowed? Company is straight keeping 6-7k before taxes that I earned in 2010.

Can someone help me please. Would I have a case if I contacted a lawyer to collect this money? Really appreciate your feedback and help.

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I appreciate your feedback. Not sure if you know the answer but is there any possibility I can collect this bonus if I hire a lawyer?

And don't know if this makes a difference but when I was terminated, they failed to pay me out one week of vacation I had on my vacation bank. So they will be cutting that check out shortly. Would this qualify that I am still on payroll as the payout for my vacation will be after the bonus date?

Again thank you for your feedback.

Maybe. If the commission agreement can be construed to be a contract.

And no, termination date is termination date. The fact that your vacation payout is cut after your last day worked does not mean you are an employee until that time.
Hi Gabe-

Is this a written company policy- part of your handbook? Do you have a copy of the policy?

Before contacting an attorney, consider contacting the DOL Wage and Hour Division. All it takes is a phone call.

Good luck.
The DOL, neither federal nor state (at least, in Nevada) handles discretionary bonuses. That is a matter of contract, not a matter of wage and hour law.
The DOL will in fact handle a bonus issue of there is a written policy. If the policy states you should have been paid, but did not get paid, all you need is a copy of the policy and you can go to the Nevada DOL and they will collect on your behalf.
Given that this thread is almost a year old, it is likely that the situtation has been resolved by now.
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