Transferring a California title to Pennsylvania


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I am purchasing a car with a CA title from a seller residing in TX. The title is signed by the CA owner, but was never transferred to the TX owner. On the face of the title, the mileage is recorded as 30,867. The seller represents that the mileage is actually 130,867, but the odometer is limited to 5 digits. There is a checkbox on the title "mileage exceeds the odometer mechanical limits", but it is not checked.

I have a boilerplate bill of sale the seller will sign that states "I CERTIFY that to the best of my knowledge the odometer reading as stated above reflects the actual mileage of the Vehicle."

Should I record 30K on the BOS, leave the BOS language unchanged, and the title checkbox unchecked?

Or should I record 130K on the BOS, check the checkbox on the title, and change the language on the BOS - and if so, changed to what?

You'd better go talk to the people at the PA DMV before you hand over any money.

Title jumping is illegal in every state.

You would be wise to have Texas guy title the vehicle in his own name and then sign the new title over to you.

Otherwise walk away lest you end up with a vehicle you can't get title to.
Adding to what "adjusterjack" wrote (all of which I agree with): If the car is not titled in the "TX owner's" name, then it's not his/her car to sell.