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This owner is something else! I've lost everything!

Discussion in 'Termination: Firing & Resignation' started by JasonMc, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. JasonMc

    JasonMc Law Topic Starter Guest

    At time of hire I was told my hourly rate and told I'd be paid mileage for delivering materials to and from jobsites. I was hired to install wood flooring around the So Cal area. Traveling around in my vehicle was what was expected of me. On the 2nd day of work I shared a conversation with another employee about compensation. This employee had been there for 5 yrs and barely making over the min wage. I shared my rate w/ him which was double the min wage. These co-workers I suspect are illegal aliens and working for nothing. That afternoon the owner calls me and tells me not to share my compensation with them.. 4 days later while at a job, I return from lunch as usual and begin to work. 30 min into laying floor, the co worker screams at me in Spanish.. They spoke broken English at best so I jumped up and ran to the entry way of the home.. I noticed my truck on fire and proceeded to extinguish the truck but it was too late. I had just lost my paid off truck and thousands of dollars in tools.. The fire dept came and made a relatively fast investigation. The report shows undetermined across the board.. That following Monday I returned to work and shared a conversation w/ the co-worker. He said there were rags soaked in paint thinner used to clean up glue off the flooring.. Along with rags were multiple Bags of dry flooring which was tossed in my truck bed to be disposed of. 1st of all, who throws away soaked rags in paint thinner? 2nd, how did he know, unless he threw them away himself? After work I looked through the burned wreckage and sure enough I found evidence of oily rags. I took several photos. I asked him to write his statement down and date and sign it to protect myself. He never did. 2 days later I was asked into the office to fill my w4. I sat with the owner and not once did he show any concerns about my well being or my situation. I explained to him I had just lost everything, my paid off truck and thousands of dollars in tools I use to complete jobs asked of me. He responded,"what have you lost? Then his next words were, you're fired for being unethical and immoral by asking his employee to sign a statement... WOW! Now I'm out my vehicle, tools and a job. My insurance was liability only and I feel my employer didn't carry the proper insurance for his employees to begin with. I also feel strongly he hired illegal aliens to perform contract work.. Which is really why he fired me. In any event I'm at a complete loss to provide for my family.. Somebody please give me some positive feedback.. Thank you for reading...
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Positive feedback, sorry you lost everything mate.
    I guess you made a few enemies along the way.
    Good luck and bounce back soon.

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