Termination period- is it obligatory to put an employee on his unused holiday time for it?

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If someone has a one week notie in their contract and recives notice, can the employer make the employee to use his or her unused holiday, or the employee is entitled to work normally for the whole notice period, and then an employee may go for a holiday or receive the equivalent of the holiday period?


I have some questions regarding possible interrogations and the UK law:

1. May one refuse to answer any questions asked by the police and announce that the statement will be made at the court/ after consulting with a solicitor?
1.1. What if they use a trick of not giving you the status of the defendant, but just a witness at first? Can they accuse one of making the investigation harder or concealment of the truth?

2. Can one refuse to sign the document that they acquainted with their rights? Might signing it be a circumstantial evidence that some talk between the defendant and the police might have taken place and the defendant admitted to the accusations? Might the court at the end use it as an excuse to credit the police version that it was like that? As far as I know, that is applicable in the USA, but how is it in the UK?
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