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supplemental child support (?)

Discussion in 'Child Support' started by 2boys1girl, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. 2boys1girl

    2boys1girl Law Topic Starter New Member

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    Long story short:
    something went terribly wrong when my husbands child support for my stepson was being calculated. The numbers are outrageous and his ex-fiance and him both will admit they were completely rushed through the system and are well aware that the calculations are too much...but there was no time to go back and fight it because my husband and myself were on our way out of the country due to military orders. Without going into the nitty gritty of that. In total we automatically deposit $840 into her account each month, in two payments of $420 on the 1st and the 15th. Anyways, I was looking over the final court documents and it says:

    "support in the amount of $697 will be paid starting 9-1-11
    as supplemental child support resp. shall pay $130 monthly neg 9-1-11"

    We were paying her about $700 a month all long before the court order..just to show good faith and be good to my stepson. The $130 a month though....what is that? Was that to supplement until the court order was finalized or is that a continuous thing? To me supplemental means...to replace or fill in where something is missing. So I interpret as..this is the money you will get to cover child care until the court order is finalized. Am I reading this correctly or is that $130 a consistent payment to be made in addition to the $697 a month child support?
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    You need to discuss this with your local JAG.

    Well, he does, because it is his case and his problem.

    Send him to discuss ths with JAG.

    There is no way that anyone here could give you a specific answer without reviewing your entire case.

    I'll tell you what I suspect will happen

    When this is investigated properly, you'll probably discover you've been overpaying her.

    Then you'll spend six months trying to straighten that out.

    So, get off to JAG, ASAP.

    You'll eventually need to discuss this with a lawyer in the state that issued the order.

    But, JAG has ways of helping you get that done!

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