Quarantine times based on vaccination status


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I work for the us army as a civilian. New rules came out about quarantine and mask. If vaccinated and you're exposed to someone with covid 19 but showing no symptoms you can go to work, not be tested and are not required to mask. However if your not vacinated you may not return to work for 20 days. 10 days after my wife first tested positive and 10 more after that for me. Even more aggregious I have to report my symptoms every day even on my days off without pay. I protested and explained if you want me to work in any regard you should be required to pay me and requested overtime. They denied my request. They may right me up for not reporting on my days off. I only report my status on days I'm working from home. My coworker happened to have his wife get covid the same week. He and his wife are both vaccinated. He returned to work. I am not vaccinatted so I'm quarantined. I will miss a demo and my boss has already told me doing so will hurt my review. He said you're desision not to get vaccinated. Any legal recourse?
Any legal recourse?

If you are represented by a labor organization (commonly called unions), you might contact your shop steward or union representative and see if the union can assist you.

Otherwise, save yourself a great deal of anguish, pain, and abuse; just get the darn vaccination. It just might save your life, or eliminate a trying, six week hospital stay.

With a very few rare exceptions, the Pfizer vaccine will cause you no harm and do you a great deal of good.

My wife is enduring End stage Renal disease. She receives dialysis three days each week. She contracted the latest variant of Covid. She presented with no symptoms, other than an annoying cough. She has suffered that cough for decades, as she also has numerous allergies. Thanks to Pfizer's vaccine, she suffered no ill effects from contracting Covid. She discovered that she had survived Covid because her center tests it's patients for Covid every three weeks. By the time she was tested, her body had produced monoclonal antibodies sufficient to even boost the three prior doses we both received.

On Wednesday, we'll both receive our Pfizer 4th jab.
In addition to my law degree, I also earned my DO (osteopathic physician). I'm not just blowing smoke, I know of what I type.

Either way, you are free to continue to refuse the jab. However, doing so could possibly earn you the boot. I say that as a 35 year, retired O7. I know the law, medicine, and the army. But, hey, it is a free country, or so I hear.
You're not going to get anywhere arguing the validity of the quarantine rules. About the only thing in your rant that you might have a claim to is that they need to consider you "on the clock" for the time it takes you to do mandatory reporting. But hell, what is it, a tenth of an hour (the minimum the Army civil guys keep track on). And, if you're on any kind of paid leave, you don't even get that.