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Private adoption

Discussion in 'Adoption' started by Medicgirlemt, Sep 22, 2014.

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  1. Medicgirlemt

    Medicgirlemt Law Topic Starter New Member

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    I was recently approached by 23 year old young lady who is pregnant. She is not sure who the biological father is but is unable to care for this child. I am married and it is her expressed desire for my husband and I to adopt this child. My question is do I need to use an agency or if this is something she wants to I got to a family lawyer have him draw up the paperwork we sign it and file it? Should this be handled by an agency? Usually agencies match couples with expectant mothers so I am unsure if I need agency involvement home studies ect. She has not asked me for anything other than to take care of and adopt her child.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    Run, don't get involved in this.
    It isn't easy as it may appear to be, and it could cost you your license to ply your craft.
    I understand your compassion, but you don't want any part of this.
    You might be wise to speak with your attorney about all of what has transpired so far, other than your husband don't mention this to anyone.
    Good luck.

    North Carolina
    Who May Adopt
    Citation: Gen. Stat. § 48-1-103
    Any adult may adopt, except that spouses may not adopt each other.
    Who May Be Adopted Citation: Gen. Stat. § 48-1-104
    Any individual may be adopted.
    Who May Place a Child for Adoption Citation: Gen. Stat. § 48-3-201
    A child may be placed by any of the following:
    • An agency
    • A guardian
    • Both parents if they are married and living together, or one parent has legal custody and the other parent has
    physical custody
    • A parent with legal and physical custody of the child




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  3. disagreeable

    disagreeable Well-Known Member

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    It is possible she thinks you would be great parenting material for her baby. It is much more likely she is a gypsy scammer who will con you into breaking the law in a small way to obtain the child, then blackmail you.

    I'll take tene bimbo for $500 Alex.

    [tene bimbo gypsy family]

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