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Oil revenue withheld

Discussion in 'Employment, Labor, Work Issues' started by Robc, Dec 9, 2019.

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    I own a working cattle ranch.
    We had a similar situation with oil being discovered on our land, as well as natural gas.

    I'm a lawyer, living and licensed in Texas.

    I retained counsel when the discovery of oil and gas evolved to leasing rights.
    We also wanted to ensure nothing would interfere with our cattle enterprise.

    I can assure you, we have two lengthy contracts.

    We can increase our revenue by increasing how much oil and gas we pump.

    We also leased land for the pipeline to a distribution facility. The discovery was rather large and ran across several other properties.

    Our revenue varies because we control what we allow to be pumped. We own the wells, the company buys our product.

    It would behoove you to retain a law firm experienced with oil producing properties.

    Ask around, there are several great firms available.

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