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My story is long so I will just go in order of what happened and what led up to it. I will make sure it's I am able to give enough info at least enough to make what happened easy to understand why I chose to contact you. First of all I have two beautiful girls who have been through so much and all because I was employed by CPS, yes I worked for Child Protective Services prior to what happened. And there are a few reasons that I believe they might have treated so unfairly that had I been surrounded by family and a good attorney it wouldn't have gone the way it did and a couple would have been reprimanded maybe even put on leave or asked to resign. The one reason I believe they had treated me the way they did could be do to the fact that my supervisor left because they wouldn't open up my position to full time and she had requested that they do that instead of having her case workers or even herself do the position I had which was working the front desk Office Assistant Sr III. So when they said no she said goodbye and went to another office. And then there was my the grandmother of my daughters who also had ties with that office because she did payroll for all of the DSHS workers including me at one point. She still has nothing good to say about me and was able to continue to see the girls even after me and there father lost our rights. So how it started was an officer coming to check on the welfare of my oldest daughter who has two heart defects and a pace maker. I was at the store at the time and called him right when I heard that I called him right away and he explained why he had come by and then told me that my daughter looked healthy and fine and that I had no need to worry because the would most likely talk to me over the phone and maybe come by but he doubted they would waist there time once they read his report. So I wasn't worried. That's not the case instead she kept the case open and had an advocate come and see me at my home. And the advocate said the CPS is there to keep families together not take kids away. I told her I did have one issue I was $50 short on my rent and they would evict me and I would lose my housing voucher that I was now about to get. She told me they had money set aside for families and they would pay the $50 there would be no problem with that, they wouldn't want to see me and my two girls one who is disabled homeless. When she came to the next visit she looked very unhappy and said I don't work for CPS so I don't understand why they do what they do but your worker said no she wouldn't and she had this look like she wanted to just cry. I to was confused why would they want to allow my family to become homeless when I had finally gotten a place for me and my daughters. I was so shocked at the whole thing and it just continued on from there, they put me down and one of them told me I didn't care if my daughter died and how she could have. Except no one else had ever said that not her cardiologist, nurses or anyone else in the medical community so why would my cps worker be saying this and like I was guilty of it too. During this entire case everyone including her cardiologist and nurses said not to worry that they knew me and that there was no way they could get a judge to agree when I am a good mom. They never mentioned that I had left there father because of his drug use and how he was treating me in front of them and that I got my own place and a car I was in a family shelter for less then 3 weeks and got my first place and things were getting better. They never mentioned the truth of what was really happening when they started to investigate me. I could go on and on with everything they had done to me and my children. And my oldest was dealing with a heart condition and now has PTSD anxiety, depression and has tried to kill herself and told me that she started feeling this way once she was in foster care. I do get visits with them they got adopted by a single Asian man and said that the only good thing they think came out of it was that he he has money and they are spoiled. I have had a close friend who worked for our attorney generals office and found my case file and told me to file a lawsuit because I had enough to do so. So I got the tort form and filled out told my story which was a long one longer then this there is even more things done to me and my girls. I think this is longer then I wanted it to be and I also start feeling some of the anger I carried for quite awhile. Until I realized I wouldn't enjoy my time with my kids until I forgave CPS for all the horrible things we went through so I finally did now I don't see my kids and think about how CPS took away the most important things in my life and how I missed out raising them for almost 7 years. And that has made our visits much better.
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I actually read the whole thing and can't make heads or tails of what happened or what it is your are trying to accomplish now.
I agree I am unsure what your question is. It also seems you might have an Attorney if so he/she is where you should seek advice on any legal matter not a webpage with volunteers who may not have law degrees. (see disclaimer at bottom of page). You might find some understanding Non Lawyer parents below who may had similar situations as well check forum below

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