New charges keep popping up for a service we already paid


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South Carolina
Hello. I am seeking advice on what I consider a fraud...

My wife immigrated from Singapore. We shipped her belongings from her home via a company in Singapore that was "paid in full" for the shipping. 7 months later we were finally told that her belonging (4 2x2 corrugated boxes full of personal items) had arrived in New York and were ready to be delivered to us in South Carolina... but because there was a delay in the shipping (and storage) process, there is an additional charge of $72 due.

One week after paying the $72, we received another email stating that the $72 was a mistake and that there is still another payment due of $64 (in addition to the $72).

When we complained to the Singapore company, they said it is out of their hands.

In the meantime, her boxes have been delivered.

I was hesitant to pay another $64 because I feel they are screwing us over, however they still had her belongings, and I was afraid there was nothing we could do but knuckle under. Now that we have her possessions here, I am not as willing to comply as I am afraid there will be yet another mistake (sarcasm) found and more to be paid out.

I have looked at reviews of the company and this is a chief complaint - that they always find more payments - they need to collect. I am looking for advice. Should I tell them to go pound sand?
Should I tell them to go pound sand?

Why would you wish to utter one word?

Fish are ignorant creatures with large mouths.

Fish see something edible, and chomp down on it, embedding a sharp hook inside that big mouth.

Poor critter hooked itself.

A happy fisherman reels the stupid critter in, and feasts upon it.

There is no legal requirement that you answer every demand.

As in our criminal justice system, our constitution provides the accused to keep her big piehole closed.

She's under arrest, and isn't required to incriminate herself.

You have all of your spouse's belongings.

Don't become a fish, remain a clever, informed human.

Run silent, mate.

You've paid your nemesis in full.

Even the dumbest scammer isn't going to waste time and money trying to sue you on the North American continent from 5,000 miles away on the Asian continent over petty amounts of scammer cash.

You've beaten the treacherous, little worm.

No matter what it says or does, at this point I'd ignore it.

It no longer possesses anything of yours it can withhold, should you not accede to any outrageous demands.