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    Breach of contract

    Hilton Head Automotive, LLC, also known as Hilton Head Buick GMC Cadillac, sold me a truck over the phone and I gave them a $1000 deposit via credit card to hold it until I could get to the dealership, at their request to mark the truck as sold. We traveled nearly 8 hours to get to the...
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    Computer Automated Dispatch(CAD) EMS question

    I have an employee that clocked out of work to go pick up his wife and son after they got into an accident. He returned to work 1 1/2hrs later with no police report or hospital report. He clocked back in and continue working that day. Can we legally check the CAD system or call police...
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    Property owners' association renting storage space to members

    We are a non-profit property owners' association. The association makes available to members a space in a fenced lot to store an RV, boat, etc. and currently charges the member only a nominal annual $5.00 fee for a registration sticker to capture the contact information and ensure only...
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    Biased executive

    What can I do if a trustee is biased to the trusts family
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    New charges keep popping up for a service we already paid

    Hello. I am seeking advice on what I consider a fraud... My wife immigrated from Singapore. We shipped her belongings from her home via a company in Singapore that was "paid in full" for the shipping. 7 months later we were finally told that her belonging (4 2x2 corrugated boxes full of...