My health issues and mental illness ignored


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I was in the psych ward of a hospital in Iowa. It was a very negative, horrible experience that has really made my mental health worse.

While I was there, they completely favored another woman and ignored me. They would talk with her for hours, bring her candy, made her a cake, look at her Pinterest page and exchange emails with her. Anytime I asked for help they seemed annoyed with me. I felt like my problems didn't even count at all. When I brought this up the nurse said this woman was an immigrant and had been through so much. Another said I should apologize to her for being upset and crying because it scared her.

I had a horrible ear infection up there as well as sleep apnea. The hospital that transferred me said that they would take care of that. They did nothing. I couldn't breathe at night and they refused to give me another pillow, despite the fact I kept waking up gasping for air. I told them I could have died, and that I was told I would get a machine or some help prior to coming. The nurse said that this was the psych ward part of the hospital and they were not liable for health problems, and if I died that's just the way it was.

They gave me drops for my ear infection and told me sounds would be louder. The other two girls were screaming really loud and I asked them to be quiet. I couldn't even talk on the phone or hear the other person because they were very loud and obnoxious, sometimes bouncing toy balls off the door of my room and laughing. The nurses refused to do anything and one said "Your health problems do not come first here."

I also had to sleep next to a transgender woman who would frequently throw over tables and threaten to kill us. So she was very physically strong. My door was open and could not shut I felt very unsafe and had to share a shower with her. She did not technically have the surgery. I'm not judging but this still made me somewhat uncomfortable. Even though it was against the rules for her to have loud music in her room and borrow the tablet at 3 in the morning, they did not care the music was very loud and did not want her to get mad. They told me I just had to sleep and put up with it because they didn't feel like bothering security.

A doctor also said that she thought my problem was I was just so used to getting my way, I had to learn to act different. This really upset me because I have BPD and ptsd and I felt they discriminated against me.

Do I have a case to sue for discrimination or how they treated me at all?
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Guess what? They don't have to treat everyone the same. Life isn't fair. It's only improper to discriminate based on some protected class.

I'm tending to agree with that last doctor.
Do I have a case to sue for discrimination or how they treated me at all?

None that I can see.