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    Custody for unmarried parents in Iowa

    I am in Iowa. The father is on the birth certificate but we were never married. There is no court order for visitation/custody. The father is not involved and our son is almost two. As the mother, do I automatically have sole legal and physical custody until there is a court order in place...
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    what is a 1.944 Iowa Dismal Notice?

    1.944 DISMISSAL NOTICE is listed on a civil trial that I've been following. what is it?
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    Iowa Financial and Physical Elder abuse questions

    Hello all, I've had the misfortune to find out that my 80 yr oldfather in Iowa (I live in Florida) has been both physically abused by a son (brother in Iowa) and also was financially taken advantage of in a real estate transaction. The physical abuse: brother repeated manhandles Dad, neighbors...
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    Iowa Probate not being settled, coming upon 3 year deadline

    Hi there. My uncles Estate in Iowa is nearing the 3 year anniversary of his death and unfortunately, the Administrator and her attorney are not even close to wrapping things up. Iowa Online Court records show several notations from the court regarding report delinquencies and Court fees not...
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    City Ordinances

    I purchased my home in a small community 12 years ago. At that time, I was not charged a monthly garbage collection fee because I do not use the service. The city government changed garbage collection vendors several years later and then started charging a monthly garbage collection fee...
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    My health issues and mental illness ignored

    I was in the psych ward of a hospital in Iowa. It was a very negative, horrible experience that has really made my mental health worse. While I was there, they completely favored another woman and ignored me. They would talk with her for hours, bring her candy, made her a cake, look at her...