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Michigan Union question

Discussion in 'Employment, Labor, Work Issues' started by PookieNumNums, Nov 21, 2019.

  1. PookieNumNums

    PookieNumNums Law Topic Starter New Member

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    So I work for a company for 7 years now ( it is a grocery business owned by a family )

    I signed up to be a union member 7 years ago when I was first hired. I sent the union an EMAIL requesting information on how to not be a union member and stop paying dues ( I sent the email in 2017 ) What I did not know is that they took that email as me demanding to stop being a member and I just found out a few days ago I am no longer a union member YET they STILL continued to take union dues out of every single paycheck. When I talked to them on the phone they said " Oh you only had 1 year to stop paying dues when I signed up "

    yet I read online that Michigan is a right work state and they can't force you to be a member / pay dues .

    Can I demand that they refund me all the dues I paid since they made me a non member?

    I can't believe that they even took an email and not an actual signed contract or letter as my resignation. It's absolutely ridiculous ! All I was doing was requesting information ! They sure in the hell didn't take the " I want to stop paying dues " part of my email seriously but they sure jumped at the chance to make me a non member.
  2. army judge

    army judge Super Moderator

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    The site explains the law.

    Read it.

    Labor and Economic Opportunity - Freedom to Work

    You have remedies.
    Collect all your paystubs showing how much has been stolen from you.

    You can bring a lawsuit.
    Talk to a lawyer, ASAP.
    Don't mention this to anyone, especially union members, union officials, or your employer.

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