Mental Health Thread #9 - Spring is Coming!


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Since the last mental health thread has over 200 replies, I am going to start a new one. I assume most of you, like me, will be very happy when spring & warm weather is here. Oh, and baseball!! :)
Yep, they sure did. It makes you feel like spring is close.
I can't wait until they play spring training games against other teams - some will be on TV.
I can't wait until they play spring training games against other teams - some will be on TV.

I love spring training and the beginning of flowers growing again, gardening, walking, sipping ice tea, the fresh, clean smell of spring; I only hope all the countries of the planet keep the peace.
We don't need more war.
I also love watching my favorite "AAA" baseball club, "The Round Rock Express" (affiliated with those darn Texas Rangers), owned by Nolan Ryan and his family.
Come on spring, we all want to see you, soon!
One of my co-workers has figured out why the Northeast got slammed so badly. She's decided Mother Nature is a Seahawks fan.
Still have my boot for another month at least and my aunt fell on the ice and broke her finger requiring surgery. I actually am using a cane to navigate the ice. Beyond ready for spring but not nearly as much as my New England friends!
I'm ready for the schools and daycares to quit delaying school 2 hrs because the roads might be bad, so my employees can come to work on time. Especially when as it turned out the roads were just fine.
Well, it seems to be unanimous that we all want spring for our own various reasons.
Most Outrageous Excuses for FMLA Leave: (per a HR pamphlet - HR Spec.)
1) I got stuck in the blood pressure machine at the grocery store and couldn't get out.
2) My plastic surgery needed some "tweaking" to get it just right.
3) I was sitting in the bathroom and my feet and legs fell asleep. When I stood up, I fell and broke my ankle.
4) I woke up in a good mood and didn't want to ruin it.
5) I accidentally got on a plane. (Huh?)
6) I need to care for my Father's dairy cows.
7) Someone glued my windows and doors shut.
I also like #6 - I wondered if he/she considered them family members? :) (or maybe the Father was sick & couldn't care for them.)
We got 7 inches of snow Sat. into Sunday. Might get sleet/freezing rain Tues. & possibly all rain by Wed. Come on spring!!
Betty, those FMLA excuses are hilarious. #3 is particularly funny to me because we ended up with a worker's comp claim one time when somebody said they injured themselves sitting on the toilet at work!
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I'm sure some of you working in HR have just about heard it all.