Mental Health Thread #4 -- Fall/Winter

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lda01 - Merry Christmas to you too & enjoy your time off.

Elle, it is currently 60 here but will start raining later with quite a bit of a drop in temperatures & predicted to be cold next week. You should have a good day for your debate tomorrow it seems. Let us know how your munchkins do. I know you are proud of them though no matter what.
It's currently up to 65! :) ...........
I hope everyone has a very good New Year!. My husband says we had a bad 2013 because we didn't eat our black-eyed peas. We're cooking up a big pot for tomorrow.
Happy New Year everyone! cbg, I heard Boston might get up to a foot of snow. Maybe they will be wrong. We might get 1-3 inches. I guess I can handle that but I prefer none.
I hope they're wrong but I have a horrible feeling they may be right. Naturally, I've been off work since Christmas Eve and it waits till the day I go back to work to snow.
That's the way it seems to work. :(
Supposed to snow here too but not as much as in Boston. Personally, I am ready for summer. We did get snow over Christmas which is the only time I don't mind snow. Still missing those 70 degree temps though.
We got around 5 inches of snow by this morning in my city. I'm ready for summer also, Elle, & winter just started. I hate the cold, snow, ice..... (though it's not as bad here as some places)

I'm ready for warm weather & baseball! :)

Current temp. 16.
Came back to work yesterday after 2.5 weeks off. It took me all day just to wade through my e-mails. Luckily my assistant checks and sorts my regular mail and handles what she can of it while I'm gone, or I'm sure my desk would have been completely buried as well.

I hope all of you who are in the deep freeze right now are keeping warm. It's sunny here today and in the mid-40's, which I'm thrilled about because the contractor started working on our roof yesterday. We're just having it re-shingled but doing something like that at this time of year can be an iffy proposition if the weather doesn't cooperate. We haven't had any cold or snow (it was close to 50 degrees and raining pretty much the whole time I was off work) but that could change at a moment's notice so I'm hoping the good weather holds out at least until tomorrow so they can finish the roof.
The storm is more or less over but the temps/wind chills are still in what may be record lows. I'm working from home and staying inside where it's warm.
24 currently - high tomorrow 41, then the snow starts tomorrow evening & stops sometime Sunday afternoon. They keep increasing the possible amt. (though depends exactly where you are in the St. Louis area) but may get 10-12 inches. Sunday night's low will be something like 10 below zero with wind chills of 30+ below. Monday's high 1 if we're lucky. They said we might break a record also. I prefer we didn't. :(
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