Mental Health Thread #4 -- Fall/Winter

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They said on the TV news today (12-14) is National Monkey Day. How are you all celebrating it? I have no clue. Maybe scream like a monkey, buy a monkey a gift......................? :)
The temp. is slightly below freezing but the sun is out & is starting to melt some of the ice/snow we got (though we didn't get any real deep snow). Starting tomorrow & for the rest of the week the temperatures are to be in the mid to upper 40s with Thurs. mid to upper 50s. Yay! :)

How is everyone else's weather?
We got a lot of snow last night but it changed to rain overnight. I'm just hoping I don't have sheet ice to deal with tomorrow morning!
I heard on the TV (weather channel) that the public schools in Boston will be closed tomorrow.
Could be, Betty. I haven't had the local news on. I get a text message sent to me if my office is closed. So far, nothing.
When the public schools are closed (I was thinking up to high school), are the colleges/universities usually closed also? I was wondering if you might be off. I guess you will have to wait & see.
Some of them are. Some are more inclined to close than others. We tend not to close except in extreme circumstances.
Office party today, starting to feel like "Patty Lewis, HR Director". They do their best to turn me from Santa into the Grinch every year at this time.
(note to self: take the month of Dec off next year)
Had our office party yesterday morning and I am still feeling sick. I have to be careful with sugar and carbs. I wasn't as I was trying to be polite as the new girl. Have another meeting and celebration this afternoon for the whole division. Pray for me.
Good luck, Elle.

Elle, do you no longer coach debate & take your munchkins to debate tournaments? I haven't heard you mention anything about debate recently.
Oh, I still do debate. In fact, I am the Tournament Director for the league. Have a debate this Saturday.
Oh ok. Good luck to you & your munchkins this weekend. If you have to travel out of town, I hope you have good weather. I can remember when you had to drive through some not so much fun snow.
Well I'm not back to work yet but thought I would see what you guys have been up to. Surgery went well but we got stranded in a hotel room for 3 days by the ice storm after being released from the hospital. i wasn't up for doing much besides reading, sleeping and watching a little tv anyway but DH was going a little stir crazy. Now just have to survive the kiddos being out of school for two weeks. Grandma has them this weekend so i get a little break.
Well, they caught the stupid kid who sent in the bomb scares - it really was someone trying to get out of finals.
Well, they caught the stupid kid who sent in the bomb scares - it really was someone trying to get out of finals.

It would have been a better option if the kid had studied.
Well, they caught the stupid kid who sent in the bomb scares - it really was someone trying to get out of finals.
Proof that "stupid" knows no limits. I hope they prosecute lest others think this is a good end of semester strategy.

The weather for this weekend is supposed to be nice. I still shudder to think back to the year it snowed nearly every tournament and all the times I had to drag the munchkins out in bad weather.
Betty, if there were a way to "Like" your post I would.

Elle, he's facing Federal charges.
Wow, federal charges. Well, it was a bomb scare - will they never learn.

We're predicted to have a lot of rain this weekend. I guess it's better than a lot of snow.
There is a God, and He loves me. Last weekend, we got several inches of snow and ice. This weekend, it is supposed to be sunny and in the 70's.
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