Mental Health Thread #2 - Spring Forward

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When you all talk sports, to me it sounds like the adults in the Peanuts cartoons :)

I gotta agree with you there! The only sport I have any interest in at all is local high school level soccer, and that's only because my grandson has become a total soccer jock and plays either indoor or outdoor soccer eight months out of the year. :)
I could easily live without football, but I don't mind it as something to do with the DH and something to chat about with friends and family back home on FB(Go Saints!), or with the guys at work (Go Cowboys). The games are a little more tolerable because of the snacks :)
Sox held that record in April, Betty. You up for another Sox-Cards World Series?

Sorry, Elle, it's an occupational hazard with Brad. Be glad it's not politics....:dgrin

That was April. :) The Cards are now also in 1st place in their division - Red Sox went from 1st to 3rd with Yankees now in 1st place (not that I'm a Yankee fan). I would rather Red Sox won division - yep, I could go for a Red Sox-Cards World Series. (prefer Cards won!) The Red Sox are doing much better than last year. Of course, it's early in the season yet - who knows who is going to be in the WS - too many things can happen between now & then (trades, injuries.....)

St. Louis is out of hockey playoffs - lost to Kings - Go Boston!!
I'm never ready for football.

I could do w/o football. Proserpina can't seem to live w/o it & her Steelers. She needs to be patient & let us enjoy warm weather & baseball now as we have to put up with football & cold weather later while waiting for baseball to start. :)
I will need much mental health for at least 6 months. Out of 4 employees, one went on maternity leave earlier than expected, one is having medical issues causing absenteeism and brain fog, one put in two weeks notice. The fourth one is good at what she does but is limited in ability to cross-train with other positions. Add to that another dept lost a long-term employee and replaced with someone with no experience so I am taking up some slack for that position. I will be ordering a larger coffee mug.
I'll chip in for the larger coffee mug & coffee & the wine which you will drink at home. (unless you want to hide it in your drawer :) )
Update, my bookkeeper will move over to title clerk. She already knows 1/2 the job and it will be somewhat easier to replace her position. Somewhat. Might have to bring in my Keurig because I may not have time to get up and go to the breakroom. In addition to the coffee, I will probably need chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
Box of jumbo size Hershey Bars being sent.
Well I'm going to take a four day weekend while I can. Hopefully we can get the issues with our pool filter resolved and be able to swim. Ya'll be safe!
Everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend & let's not forget the reason for the day.
I just a short while ago had a little girl hammer on the door. She was selling rose petals for 25 cents each. Therefore, I have 4 purple roses petals & the little girl (about 6 years old) has a $1.00. :)
I can't turn down a little kid.
Phone call from Amex re our corporate card. "I see that you're using your card only minimally, have you considered using it for paying advertising bills and earning points." Yes, we've considered it and Mr. M is not interested. "Oh I understand that he's probably resistance to change, considering his age and everthing."

I was speechless at that. Wow.
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