Mental Health Thread #2 - Spring Forward

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Elle, sending you good/happy thoughts & prayers. I sure hope things somehow work out for you. Your friend, Betty3
(I know I'm not an HR person, but anyhoo..)

Sending hugs and love. Blessings and positive vibes. Prayers and lots of turns on my prayer wheel!
Getting to Friday night will be a huge relief, though it will be far from the end.

It's now Friday - where you & I live anyway. After getting through today, hopefully you will have some period of relief.

Sometimes when you least expect it, something good happens. I wish that for you.
Thanks all. Very rough morning so I'm hoping it turns around. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather Rick.
Elle, I believe I read elsewhere something about a beach vacation for your family in a few weeks. Will you have all that time without anyone from work bothering you? Just getting away for a while should help.

You also have my sympathy on the death of your grandfather, Rick.
I'm not even sure if I can go. It is only two weeks away but it is going to depend entirely on the job situation. If I do go, I will end up working just as I did last year. Hoping to avoid the detour to the hospital with Dad that started off last year's vacation. And yes, I worked from his hospital room, took calls on the drive down and worked a full day during the hurricane.
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers - Mothers of kids and/or pets. :)

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!
Congrats! Now on to baseball :) -- Cardinals currently have best record in baseball.
Hey, that didn't sound nice. :) Do you want to debate something or do you get enough debating with your munchkins?
Sox held that record in April, Betty. You up for another Sox-Cards World Series?

Sorry, Elle, it's an occupational hazard with Brad. Be glad it's not politics....:dgrin
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I'll take sports talk over religion or politics anyday. But I'm not ready for football yet. That means sitting on the couch with snacks. I'm ready for some swimming if the cold weather would just go away for good. Elle do you watch any sports? Skating, gymnastics, swimming, diving? We could talk about how well Aly Raisman is doing on DWTS. And there have been several football players do really well at ballroom dance.
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