Mental Health Thread #10-Fall is Coming

How can people be so shortsighted? He doesn't want to spend money to fix the floor, but doesn't realize that the time spent working around the problem, and the loss of inventory due to damage is costing him more?
Maybe it's good that he is looking for other employment!
Fed up yesterday, DH made the comment "this place is being run by a barrel of monkeys." Someone passed the comment on to higher ups. Lucky for him the top guy has a sense of humor and happens to be his cousin. He brought him a banana. DH asked what's this for? He said, well we have lots of them in our monkey barrel.
Hey everyone! Its great to see so many familiar 'faces' posting in the MH thread. :) I haven't had the time to catch up in the MH postings, but wanted to cruise over here and say "hello" while I was on. Hope you are all doing fabulous!
I've worked with worker's comp for years, and I've had times when I laughed to myself about how an employee was injured because it just seemed so ludicrous. Today I'm filing my own claim and laughing at myself...well, not really, because it hurts to laugh.

In the middle of the work day yesterday, I decided to get out the Christmas decorations for our office. I reached up to take a box down from an upper shelf, and as I lifted it down, a clipboard that somebody had put on top of it slid off and hit me - hard - right across my upper lip. Luckily, I had my mouth closed so it didn't break a tooth, but I have a cut across my lip and let's just say that if I wanted to take selfies, the swelling has given me the perfect duck-lips pout right now!

I will never again chuckle over how silly some accidents sound....
Yeah, txls, I wanted to say that but I didn't think the WC company would appreciate the levity!

I decided we didn't need that rogue clipboard attacking anyone else without provocation, so I put it in another cabinet, this time on a lower shelf. If it flies out of there and hits somebody in the kneecap then we'll just take it out and burn it.
I could write a book about crazy WC incidents. A clip board falling off a box wouldn't even make it into the foot notes.
Good to know that rogue clipboard has been disciplined and demoted with a warning against future occurrences. Now go update your safety manual.
Never offer/volunteer to do the Christmas decorations! :)
Never offer/volunteer to do the Christmas decorations! :)

LOL, I learned the first day on active duty (way back in the day) from a crusty, old Sarge NEVER VOLUNTEER for anything.
Funny story. Selected an item at a conv. store clearly marked $1.99. It rang up $2.29. I showed the clerk the label. She said that's the date. We went back and forth a little with her insisting "that's just how they mark the date" and me insisting "that is a dollar sign and obviously a price, not a date." Finally I decided to play along. Okay then, what date is it? January of 2099? She replied, "I don't know, I don't know, that's just how they mark the date." I declined to purchase the item at $2.29. I tell my DH the story and he goes back the next day to attempt to purchase the same item, just to have a little fun with it. Well he got the same response and he got mad. He got other customers involved and everything. He finally bought the item for $1.99 because another customer told the clerk "you have to sell it to him for $1.99!) "Oh really, I do?" okay